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How to Identify and Train Stubborn Dogs
Every dog has different personality, even dogs in the same breed with known temperament still varies in their personalities, intelligence and behavior. And training them to become a well-behaved dog sometimes needs different special approach, especially what we consider very stubborn and hard headed. Here are a few tips on identifying the difference and understanding their very personality and behavior.
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Top Dog Issue 2011
Enjoy our new issue!
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Hawaii Pet Magazine Winter 2009
In this issue, check out our winter gift guide, holiday pet advice, cover model search results, pet event reviews, pet calendar, dog costume contests, profile on pet healer Dr. Yoza, the beauty of aging pets and much more! Hawaii Pet Magazine is free and distributed statewide throughout Hawaii. Hawaii's online print and online pet resource, today!
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Great Book - Obedience School For Dogs
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The whisperer by Fiona McIntosh The vampire book by Sally Regan This book is not good for you by P. Bosch Mirror by Jeannie Baker Alive in the death zone by Lincoln Hall The spell of undoing by Paul Collins p. 40 p. 108 p. 48 p. 84 p. 64 p. 25 p. 75 p. 96 p. 56 p. 2 p. 31 Lizzie Chase with S Bowes, D Ivanek, Y Liu, J Riley, J Starink. Cartoons by Gina Harrowell. Photographs by Meg Davis.
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DogsAreOk Magazine July - August 2010
DogsAreOk is South Florida’s perfect magazine for dog lovers. In this issue we interview to 7News Sports Reporter Donovan Campbell. We also talk about Hurrican Preparedness, an interview with Commisioner Sarnoff, as well as traning, health and travel tips.
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Toledo Free Press - Vol. 6, No. 21 - May 23rd, 2010
The cover story for this edition features an exclusive interview with former Lucas County dog warden Tom Skeldon. His message since leaving office has not changed: "In Toledo, there will be a number of people mauled, maimed, disfigured and there may be somebody killed by a pit bull."
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DogsAreOk January - Febuary 2011
DogsAreOk magazine is proud to present its 8th Issue for January - February with Amelia Vega, singer and former Miss Universe, on the cover.
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January/February 2013 Issue of Pet Me! Magazine
Pet Me! Magazine interviews Saffyre Sanctuary helping abused horses find a healing place, Dr. Evelyn Vega talks to us about Managine Osteoarthritis in the Senior Pet. Is Feeding Human Food to My Dog or Cat Safe? Find out what All Creatures Emergency Center has to say about it. The gift of dignity ~ The gift of hospice. The Feral Cat Epidemic.
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Hawaii Pet Magazine - Fall 2009 Issue
Hawaii Pet Magazine si the only statewide pet publication in Hawaii featuring pet events, advice and tons of pet pictures. In this issue we focus on fun back-to-school items for your pet, social anxiety, the importance of animal socilization and our ever popular cover model search.
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