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Dog Trainer Phoenix.pdf (PDFy mirror)
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Published on 09/16/2014
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Kristy Thomas, dog trainer
Published on 02/09/2010
Document details: 154 pages. 220 downloads.

Training and explaining : how to be the dog trainer you want to be
Includes bibliographical references (p. 224)
Published on 11/03/2011
Document details: 248 pages. 15 downloads.

The happy adopted dog
Published on 07/23/2018
Document details: 216 pages. 2 downloads.

Clifford goes to dog school
Auntie, who is a dog trainer, thinks Clifford needs to learn obedience, but to Emily Elizabeth the big red dog is perfect already
Published on 10/11/2010
Document details: 36 pages. 39 downloads.

The lucky dog matchmaking service
Published on 05/23/2018
Document details: 346 pages. 14 downloads.

ABC practical guide to dog training
Published on 04/06/2012
Document details: 214 pages. 37 downloads.

The lucky dog matchmaking service
Published on 10/21/2018
Document details: 370 pages. 37 downloads.

Animal appetite : a dog lover's mystery
As PI Holly Winter, a dog trainer and writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, reads of the unsolved murder of a publisher two decades earlier, she sees a clue in the publisher's dog being tied up while the deed was done. Obviously the killer didn't like dogs, which makes him a candidate for Holly's sleuthing
Published on 08/03/2010
Document details: 296 pages. 71 downloads.

Purebred rescue dog adoption : rewards and realities
Published on 06/26/2018
Document details: 150 pages. 71 downloads.
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