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Dog obedience training
Published on 02/21/2012
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Dog Obedience Training Cincinnati.pdf (PDFy mirror)
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Published on 09/11/2014
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Dog Obedience Training Cincinnati.pdf (PDFy mirror)
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Published on 01/19/2015
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Competitive obedience training for the small dog
Includes bibliographical references (p.[196]-[197])
Published on 02/10/2012
Document details: 216 pages. 38 downloads.

Beyond obedience : training with awareness for you and your dog
Includes bibliographical references (p. 342-343) and index
Published on 02/09/2015
Document details: 378 pages. 22 downloads.

Dog obedience training : a complete and up-to-date guide
Published on 09/16/2011
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Dog obedience : getting your pooch off the couch and other dog training tips
Published on 08/30/2018
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Obedience Training By B A Hunter Searchable
Written with clarity and power, easy to read and understand. Hunter had used the example of a dog trainer, training a new puppy and has made an amazing transition over into the Christian life which is both refreshing and helpful. Of interest and value to any who're interested in the study of God's Law and who sincerely desires to know God's will for their lives.  “To obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.” (1 Sam. 15:22) “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.” (Isa. 1:19)’’ Warning (book preface):     "Please do not assume that this book will teach you how to train your dog.  It will not.  If you want a good training text on dog obedience, I recommend THE KOEHLER METHOD OF GUARD DOG TRAINING, by William Koehler.  Koehler’s book is not only a handbook for the instruction of guard dogs, but provides a wealth of info on every aspect of dog training.     This book, however, is a guidebook for training people in accordance with god’s textbook: the Bible.  The title is quite accurate, although at first it may appear to be a misnomer.  The table of contents likewise indicates the correlation of canine obedience patters with those of humans.  Does this seem strange to you?  It may be an unconventional treatment of the topic, but it is logically sound.    The theme of this book is:  ‘take up the Bible and follow me, for my word is easy and my instructions are clear.’    The objective of this book is to demonstrate the fallacy of the notion that the Bible is difficult to understand by drawing a parallel between the simplicity of correct canine obedience training and god’s technique for teaching and disciplining his people.  The similarity of the two methods is striking.    The extraordinary resemblance of CORRECT dog training to God’s methods of training his people occurred to me a few years ago while training a pup.  Later, I decided to write an analogous article on the subject.  Due to the immense scope of the topic, the article grew into a book.    All references shown must be considered an integral part of this book which would be woefully incomplete without them.  Each references should be reviewed to confirm both the accuracy and context.  Failure to personally review god’s word will result in an inadequate understanding of the subject.  May god bless the eyes of your understanding.”  - B.A. Hunter conclusion of ch. 1:  “God’s word is not difficult to read or learn, as some say.  God said even the simple can understand the Bible.  You will agree that if a dumb dog can be taught obedience, a person with no more mentality than that of a dog can also learn obedience by the same elementary method.     “Therefore we will use God’s word as our handbook for obedience training and eternal survival.  To learn survival, we must discover how to select food, recognize friends from foes, what armor to wear, what weapons to use, tactics, and how to set a reliable watchman to guard us from enemy attack.  All necessary information is in this best of all how-to books, and we may begin our training with dogma.” 183 pp - searchable pdf
Published on 02/07/2019
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A dog owner's guide to training your dog : all you need to know about training your dog from puppy training to advanced obedience in the show ring
Published on 07/06/2010
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ABC practical guide to dog training
Published on 04/06/2012
Document details: 214 pages. 37 downloads.
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