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Dance of the Thunder Dogs
After thirteen years of federal law enforcement assignments that took him to every Indian nation but his own, Emmett Parker has come home to Oklahoma on convalescent leave, badly wounded and estranged from his partner and love interest, Anna Turni

Dance of the Thunder Dogs
As "the new heir apparent to Tony Hillerman,"* Kirk Mitchell brings us back to Indian country with investigator for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Emmett Parker, "a great guy to keep around." (New York Times Book Review)

Let's Dance, Snoopy
"Happiness is a warm puppy."-Charles M. Schulz Paws down, Snoopy is one of the most recognizable dogs in the world. In honor of the 65th anniversary of Peanuts comes this collection of comic strips, g

Keep Calm and Do the Snoopy Dance
Snoopy is the quintessential cartoon dog smile-bringer. From his bantering with Woodstock to his fantasy life, it's no wonder that he's the most popular Peanuts cartoon character! And he's never more endearing than when he's expressing hi

In Search of the Master Who Dances with Horses: Growth
Urgently in need of a meaningful change of life, a man decides to cross the world together with his wife, a horse and a dog to spend a year training full-time with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, arguably the most popular horse trainer in the world bas

The Dog Who Danced
"Multiple hankies, dog lovers…this is an emotional read." -Library JournalIf there's been a theme in Justine Meade's life, it's loss. Her mother, her home, even her son. The one bright spot in her loss-f

Dancing Dogs
No one brings to life the remarkable bond between humans and their dogs like New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz. He has warmed our spirits with enchanting tales and keen observations of his animal menagerie-the dogs, sheep, chickens, and o

12 Dogs of Christmas
This delightful take on the traditional song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is the funniest, furriest, freshest way to laugh through the holidays. Each day in the song reflects a different breed of dog, with original photography of snoring sheepdogs, chomping chihuahuas, and even dancing dalamatians.

Dieting Your Dog
Your dog is your buddy. In some cases the best friend. They offer you unconditional love and company. Some breeds live to please you. They can brighten up your day when you get home after a long day of the office with how excited they are to see you. It is a known fact that having a dog can improve your mental health and offer companionship for many people. Dogs can be trained to do a number of things, they can be trained to be a Seeing Eye dog, police dog, and even clown dogs. They can do tricks such as dance with your, sit, play dead. Dogs are mammals, just like us. If we eat too much and don't exercise enough we are going to get fat as our dogs. If we eat food that is not good for us, we tend to feel lethargic afterwards and do not want to move. Eating unhealthy for us can cause a whole slew of problems from heart disease to diabetes. We can make our skin look unhealthy and our hair and when we go to bathroom. Well let us just say that it can be pretty ugly sight. Dogs are no different. If they eat too much and get no exercise they become overweight. If they eat food that is not good for them, they to can feel lethargic and have no energy.

Runnin' with the Big Dogs
Colleen is charmed when she meets Trevor at a singles dance in upstate New York. Although she feels a spark with the guy, Colleen has been through the ringer of relationships, so shes hesitant to jump into dating again. Soon, though, as things pro

Teen Dog #7 (of 8)
Dudes, prom is coming up. Who do you think Teen Dog is gonna take? And who's going to be crowned as the ultimate high school couple this year? Meh, who cares-let's get out on the dance floor and cut a rug.

Black Dog Dance
Black Dog Dance is a small compilation of short stories, brief essays, and poetry. The author questions the world's dance with war, moral decay, and the decimated mind set of politicians, warriors, and zealots. It is a proposition defining the morality of war, starvation, and suicide. Perhaps nihilistic in nature Black Dog Dance demands attention by the world of killers and world leaders, and the world of the oppressed. Are we all victims of something greater than us? The author insists that we are.

Dogs Don't Talk
"A funny, warm-hearted and engaging story." - BlueInk Review A really fun book to read." - Jackie Timmons, Readers' Favorite Life is pretty bad when you're jealous of an old mutt and an autistic brother, Benjamin thinks to himself. If only he knew how to talk to girls, he could achieve both his goals: get a reasonably hot looking girlfriend and thus, get respect from his wrestling teammates. But communication doesn't come easy in the McDowell family. Ben's mother has better conversations with Rosie the dog than she does with him. His older brother, Johnny can only communicate by singing Beatles' songs. His younger tattletale sister Elizabeth has her own problems dealing with the gossipy dance team. Ben's father, meanwhile, keeps his wishes for Ben short and to the point: make top grades and be a champion wrestler. Through his love of reading, Ben meets Emily and life takes a happy turn until circumstances beyond their control intervene. How Ben learns to deal with his family dramas, a school bully and most of all, with his own insecurities.

Iron Blood & Sacrifice (Return of the Yellow Dog)
With the Roman General Julius Caesar on the verge of launching his second and much better prepared invasion of Prydein, the country he is about to invade is riven by politics and a failing religion. Untimely death dances hand-in-hand with the murd

Fat Dogs and French Estates - Part 3
Beth, and her grumpy husband, Jack, have finally bought their dream country estate, but their "modest" renovation process soon turns into a project of nightmarish proportions. Join them as they take on a team of eccentric French builders, stampeding wild boar, tap-dancing nocturnal dormice, kamikaze bugs, and a forest that defies all reasonable navigational skills. This is the side-splittingly funny third instalment of the Haslams' French adventures.

Dilly Dog's Dizzy Dancing
Dilly Dog loves to dance. She darts! She dips! She dives through the air! But sometimes her dizzy dancing ends in a dreadful THUD. How can Dilly find a way to keep dancing-without the disasters?

What Is Your Dog Doing?
This colorful, young read-aloud about all things canine is doggone fun. Woof! Sit. Stay. Roll Over. But, dogs can do so much more than that! Sledding. Shedding. Inspecting. Protecting. Paddling laps. Dancing? Perhaps! Be it a working dog or

Dog in Charge
When the going gets tough, Dog. takes a napDog can Sit. He can Stay. He can even Dance. But when he's in charge, can he keep the cats in line?All one, two, three, four, five of them?

Dog Dance of Snikia
In this whimsical fantasy novella, Flin, son of a Snikian pear farmer, travels to the big city with Bobby Shortlegs, a smallish dog, colored honey-and-white, with perked-up ears and no tail, and highly intelligent eyes. At birth, all Snikians are

JAD-Dogs - Jump and Dance
Als Trainerin und Seminarleiterin in den Sparten des Agility und Dogdances hatte Mica Köppel-Haug schon lange die Idee beide Sportarten zu verknüpfen, als sie vor etwa fünf Jahren das Longieren entdeckte, war es dann soweit. Beim JAD-Dogs werden einz
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