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Dog Health Care Essentials
Dogs are an integral part of human society on every inhabited continent on Earth. They drive livestock and protect it; police property; scent and detect illicit substances; haul sleds; retrieve game; guide the blind; search for and rescue the los

Chihuahua: Training, Grooming, and Dog Care
Chihuahuas are one of America's most popular small dogs. Prominently featured in major films like Legally Blonde and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Chihuahuas are often stereotyped as "girlie dogs." But it's a mistake to assume that their portable size

Complete Care for Your Aging Dog
THE OLD DOG BIBLE! Filled with comprehensive dog reference material from interviews with over 100 veterinary experts, this award-winning book answers all your must-know questions. Filled with heartwarming chicken s

Borzoi Dog & Puppy Care Understanding Book
Have fun understanding and training your puppy and dog with these fun helpful tips! 1. The Characteristics of a Borzoi Puppy and Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. How to

Dog Health Care
Raising a healthy and happy dog is not an easy task. There are so many aspects we need to tackle. In this book, I will try to take you to explore some issues you may face in raising your dog like: Using Of Essential Oils And Coconut Oil

Gourmet Dog Recipes, Care & Training Handbook
Revised: Now has a special section for Hurricane & Disaster Emergency Plan for Dog Owners. Our Gourmet Dog Recipes, Care and Training Handbook is a must have for all dog lovers. It includes 160 recipes for delicious gourmet dog meals, d

Happy Tails: Your Cat & Dog Care Guide
Did You Know That Improper Diet And Overfeeding Can Actually Lie At The Root Of Most Of Your Pet's Ailments? Dear Fellow Cat/Dog Lover, Would you mind if I asked you a question? A trip to the vet - a thing no

Care For Your Dog
Fancy having a puppy? Or if you already have one, do you really know how to take good care of it? It needs lots of love and attention, especially if it's still young. Puppy is just like human, needs care and attention. It will fall sick if

Borzoi Dog & Puppy Care Understanding Book
Have fun understanding and training your Birman kitten and cat with these fun helpful tips! Learn what is the best type of cat food to feed your cat is, and learn how to make sure your cat is eating a healthy amount of food each

Complete Puppy & Dog Care
Whether you're buying a pedigree puppy or rescuing a crossbreed, in Complete Puppy & Dog Care, practising vet Dr Bruce Fogle tells you all you need to know to keep your dog happy. From which breed to choose, to tips for helping your dog bond with the family, as well as health advice and information on nutrition, training and playing, this book really has everything you need to know. In Complete Puppy & Dog Care, Dr Bruce Fogle shares the benefit of his 40 years' clinical expertise. Find out how to make the most of your relationship with your dog and look after its health and wellbeing. Choose from the best breeds for a wide range of lifestyles from apartment dweller to allergy sufferer. Assess your dog's personality and ensure a stress-free homecoming for all the family. Solve all familiar and less common problems from dog training, to feeding, exercise, aggression and fearfulness. Packed with information, Complete Puppy & Dog Care includes latest technology such as DNA testing for genetic predisposition to illness.

Complete Care for Your Aging Dog
KUDOS! "Chock-full of lifesaving and life-enhancing facts-but incredibly moving and readable-the book is guaranteed to help your beloved pet live a happier, healthier, fuller life. While this comprehensive and groundbreaking book presents cutting edge medical information, Shojai makes sure that it's proven and practical. Captivating true stories of 'successful agers' will motivate you to make sure you give your pets the best care possible." -Dr. Marty Becker, Resident Veterinarian on Doctor Oz Show, and Good Morning America "Once again Amy has done it! VERY important, useful and valuable information in a concise, easy to read work. Our pets are living longer-and with this interesting and complete book-healthier lives. If you have a middle aged to older pet, this book is a Must Have!" -DR. JIM HUMPHRIES, Veterinarian, Contributing Editor to CBS's The Early Show, and National Veterinary Spokesperson "Need a quick reference? Complete Care for Your Aging Dog provides a practical, easy-to-read guide about health care for the aging dog. If you have an aging dog, this is a 'must read' book. It provides simple question-and-answer treatment of essentials of aging dogs." -Dr. Johnny D. Hoskins, Internist for older dogs and cats Award Winning Book Keeps Your Aging Dog Loving Longer, Living Better! You can teach an old dog new tricks-and give him the best care possible. As dogs age, elderly dogs deserve and require special dog health care to prevent dog problems. COMPLETE CARE FOR YOUR AGING DOG explains how old do dogs live, how old is a "senior dog," and old dogs health and behavior changes. You'll find all the must know information about old dogs, dogs illness and dog symptoms, with veterinary advice for keeping your old dog healthy and treating your sick dog if necessary. Advances in veterinary medicine have nearly doubled the average dog life span. But mature dogs have special needs and require additional emotional support, special dog nutrition help, and senior dog

Doral Publishings Hands-On Dog Care
Doral Publishings Hands-On Dog Care.

Whole Dog Journal Handbook of Dog and Puppy Care and Training
The Whole Dog Journal Handbook of Dog and Puppy Care and Training features advice on behavior and positive training techniques, guidance about natural care and nutrition, and information about holistic care such as chirop

Puggle Dog Care and Understanding Guide Book
You can have a lot of fun playing and training your Puggle puppy and dog to be a really good dog. Puggles are a cross between Pugs and Beagles, and make a really nice family pet also! 1. The Characteristics of a Puggle Puppy and Dog 2. What You Sh

Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy
Love your dog? Dr. Rachele Baker shares valuable tips for both new and experienced dog parents. A brief, easy to understand guide to help your dog live longer and feel better. Do you know how to determine if your dog is overweight?Le

Simple Dog Care
Do you want to stop guessing what's best for your dog and get some real direction? Are you a busy person looking for some simple tips to improve the health and wellbeing of your best friend? Have you stayed with the same dog care regime without re

CHIHUAHUA: History, Habits, Care, Legends and Training of the World's Smallest Dog
They were once thought to be huge‭ ‬rats or even mystical creatures.‭ ‬They have been worshiped,‭ ‬eaten and treasured by ancient civilizations.‭ ‬The one thing for sure about the Chihuahua Breed of Dogs is that just about everyone seems to love

Dog Care and D I Y Organic Medications
There are many times and an enormous amount of reasons why people cannot go to a Veterinary surgeon. It is my hope with this book to assist you with lowering the cost of pet-care and save you from those anxious moments. After all they are our most

Poodle: Training, Grooming, and Dog Care
ABOUT THE BOOK "A dog is a bond between strangers." John Steinbeck When you own a poodle, you are guaranteed to attract attention. Thanks to its elegant posture and prancing gait, your dog will stand out in a crowd; thanks to

Dog Health Care Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know
Owning a dog is a great responsibility, it is like taking care of a baby that will never grow up. Your dog will not only depend on you to feed him, bathe him or look after him when he is ill. Your dog will most especially rely on you to train him
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