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Living With an Older Dog
How to recognise and understand the changes – both mental and physical – that occur as your dog ages; how to manage these changes successfully, and thus how to make the senior canine years more enjoyable and fulfilling for both you and your beloved companion.
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd on 04/15/2011
Book details: 128 pages.

The Complete Dog Massage Manual
Demonstrates and explains relevant and safe massage for your dog, together with information about how the dog 'works' in relation to what effects massage has. Clear, specially-commissioned photos and technique descriptions explain how you can be so much more in touch with the health of your canine companion
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd on 12/15/2010
Book details: 128 pages.

Old Dog 101 - Tips & Tricks for Senior Dog Care
We offer tried-and-true recommendations that won't break your bank account for dealing with a number of old dog issues including arthritis, seizures, dementia, incontinence, old dog vestibular disease, weight management and giving medication.
Published by BookBaby on 06/22/2015
Book details: 75 pages.

Doral Publishings Hands-On Dog Care
Doral Publishings Hands-On Dog Care.
Published by i5 Publishing on 05/01/2012
Book details: 64 pages.

ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual
Describe basic dog care and offers advice on feeding, grooming, health care, problem behavior, breeding, first aid, and showing
Author: Bruce Fogle
Published by Cambridge University Press on 06/25/1993
Book details: 192 pages.

The Ultimate Dog Care Kit
Many dog owners are unaware that, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, close to half the dogs in the USA are considered overweight and 6.7 million of those dogs are designated as clinically obese. And research has shown that overweight dogs can often die up to two years earlier than normal because of that excess weight. Some of the most common risk factors include osteoarthritis and poor joint health, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, cranial cruciate ligament injury, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and cancer. And most of these dogs dying early deaths are not doing so because of deliberate neglect or lack of care, but simply because most dog owners simply do not know the important facts of proper dog care and treatment. Those who learn all the critical information about proper dog care and apply it when taking care of their dog, often get extra years with their loving pet. This includes understanding food, diet, parasites, medical treatment, grooming, and many other necessary tasks in owning and loving a pet dog. Unfortunately, most of the books out there do not go into all the specifics that result in a healthy, happy dog that will live out his of her life to its fullness. We want to teach you the proper care techniques for taking care of your pet dog with our valuable eBook The Ultimate Dog Care Kit. It will provide you with everything you need to know to treat your dog in a way that will enable him or her to live a long life with you. This eBook is packed full of all the data that is crucial to make sure your dog stays healthy and happy. You will be taught exactly what your must do and the right way to go about it. However, The Ultimate Dog Care Kit is much more than just a book of simple basics about dog care. It also focuses on specific aspects of care that are necessary for a healthy pet, including a proper diet, eliminating parasites like fleas and worms, coordinating veterinary care, grooming and bathing, and other important dog care needs. We are going to tell you precisely how you can maximize the longevity of your dog's life and make sure that he lives a happy one by your side! The Ultimate Dog Care Kit will provide you with the following information to help you provide the best care possible for your pet dog: - The basics of health, food and diet for your dog - Preventing and eliminating heart worm, fleas and other parasites - Handling veterinary care, vaccinations, and dental treatments - Spaying and neutering your male or female dog - Grooming, clipping and bathing your dog the right way - The benefits of pet health insurance - Other common concerns and questions about your dog And much, much more ...
Author: Noah Daniels
Published by BookRix on 01/15/2015
Book details: 48 pages.

Dog Eldercare: Caring for Your Middle Aged to Older Dog
Helping Your Canine Companion Age Gracefully To address the changing needs of middle-aged and elderly dogs, canine health and training expert Amy Morford offers comprehensive information and tips to keep your dog healthy, happy, engaged and as active as possible during his or her twilight years. Mid-Life and Senior Dog Issues and Answers Morford wrote Dog Eldercare: Caring for Your Middle-Aged to Older Dog to help dog owners understand the aging process of their pet. To take optimum care of an aging dog, owners need to be prepared for routines like diet, exercise and health needs to change radically as their dog ages. You Will Learn - How fast different breeds age - How to calculate your dog's "real age" - The visible signs of aging - The most common diseases that affect older dogs. - The importance of vet care, dental care and medical tests - Tips on grooming, bathing, clipping nails and massage - How to recognize the special needs of senior dogs Morford details and explains all of the important issues you'll need to deal with and encourage the proactive quality care that will vastly improve your elderly dog's quality of life on a daily basis. This guide will help you provide compassionate care for your canine "best friend" as he or she evolves from puppy or young adult into a dignified and happy senior companion.
Author: Amy Morford
Published by Speedy Publishing LLC on 12/13/2013
Book details: 48 pages.

Goldendoodle Dog Care and Understanding Book
Published by vince stead on 06/25/2019
Book details: 48 pages.

Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Dog Care
Holistic veterinarian Dr. Randy Kidd explains how herbs can be used in the care of dogs. Includes chapters on common dog ailments and how to address them. Illustrations.
Author: Randy Kidd
Published by Storey Publishing on 01/01/2000
Book details: 203 pages.

Dogs: Dog Care: Puppy Care: How To Take Care Of And Train Your Dog Or Puppy
Dogs are some of the cutest and most adorable creatures on the planet when trained properly. Would you love to know the secrets to loving and caring for dogs and puppies? Whether you want to (1) know which dog or puppy is best for you, (2) discover the best training strategies, or (3) learn how to care for your dog or puppy the right way, this book will teach you everything you need to know. Master the Care and Training of Your Next Best Friend! As “man’s best friend”, your canine companion should be matched to your personality and lifestyle. I’ve included temperament descriptions of the major breeds, along with other information to aid you in selecting a dog or puppy that will easily and quickly become “family” to you. Ensure a Healthy Dog. Your dog is happiest when it is healthy. Because dogs can’t tell you how they are feeling, it is important that you know how to interpret the signs that indicate your dog may need some help. I’ve included information on common problems your dog may experience and a variety of solutions. Give your Dog a Purpose. Your dog needs to be around you. Often, a dog is happiest when its owners are nearby. Discover practical ways to give your dog the attention – and the exercise – it craves. From games to training tips, you will find plenty of ideas for meaningful interactions with your canine. Be the Leader of the Pack. Dogs feel safest when they know you are in charge. Follow practical guidance for establishing your leadership. Learn how to stop problem doggy behavior before it becomes a bad habit. Follow step-by-step instructions to easily teach your dog or puppy basic obedience skills. Experience the joy of going outside with a well-behaved dog. What Will You Learn About Dogs? What to look for when choosing a dog or puppy. How to prepare your home for your new furry friend. What and how much to feed your dog. Top training techniques that get great results. How to keep your dog safe and healthy. You Will Also Discover: Fun and stimulating games you both will enjoy. The best strategies for puppy care. Successful potty training and crate training methods. How to select the breed that best matches your personality and lifestyle. Discover a whole world of delight when you train and care for your dog properly. Start feeling the love: Buy It Now!
Author: Ace McCloud
Published by Ace McCloud on 03/15/2017
Book details: 203 pages.
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