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Running Your Own Boarding Kennels
With an increasing demand for quality kennel accommodation for dogs and cats, a good boarding kennel is a sound investment and can provide a healthy income if run efficiently. Running your own Boarding Kennels, the only g

Dog Boarding Kennel Start Up Sample Business Plan!
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How to Start Your Dog Boarding Business
Like dogs? 75% of people do. Want to own your own business? 60% of people do. If you answered yes to both questions, Sarah Clark may have your answer. Sarah Clark created a dog boarding kennel in the middle of nowhere that drew clients from as far away as 150 miles. Now she wants to tell you how you can succeed with your dog boarding business. Dog boarding is one of the few fields where you can start and launch a successful business with even a small cash outlay. Sarah understands that your resources may be limited, just as hers were, but that doesn't mean your dog boarding kennel can't be successful. In these pages you'll discover how to: Decide if this is the right business for you Design your kennel Implement your design Handle day-to-day operations Create a business with staying power How to Start Your Dog Boarding Business is an inside look at the details of running a pet boarding facility. Sarah takes you from sketching the possibilities where you are, to building your kennel, to running your business. If you are thinking about boarding dogs, this book is where to start!

Kennel Building and Management
Kennels are important for a wide variety of reasons. Pet owners frequently need them as boarding facilities during vacations, periods of upheaval or transition or whenever it becomes impractical for a cat or dog to be left at home. Serious enthusi

Marking The First 125 Years of the American Kennel Club," this special anniversary edition, an official publication of the American Kennel Club, provides a complete history of the world's most prestigious dog organization. Illustrated with rare historical photographs and award-winning color photographs, DOGS traces the formation of the AKC, the dramatic grown and challenges the registry faced in its early years, the emergence of dog shows in the United States, the expansion of women's roles in the dog fancy, the development of working trials, and much more. A dog-event chronicle and a unique source book for all lovers of man's best friend, DOGS offers insight into today's dog world and provides excellent information on all of the AKC's many successful projects today, including Canine Good Citizen, the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show, DOGNY (the September 11th project), the Canine Health Foundation and more. No other book provides the information found in DOGS, including statistics for the nation's Top Ten breeds, decade by decade, since the inception of the club; breed recognition dates for nearly 200 breeds; a complete history of popular dog sports, including conformation, field trials, obedience, earthdog, and agility; Junior Showmanship; detailed accounts of the AKC's Sesquicentennial and Centennial Shows; and complete registration and competition statistics from 1884 to 2008. The book also features color reproductions of many the AKC's art treasures that make up the world's largest and most important collection of dog-related art housed in the AKC's Museum of the Dog. The appendices include biographies of past AKC presidents, AKC chairmen of the board, and statistics for dog and litter registrations, events, and dogs in competition. Fully indexed.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
When the champion of Three Corners, the finest dog ever bred in Alisa Potts' kennels, is found lying dead in the corner of his enclosure, it's up to Simon Bognor, special investigator for the Board of Trade, to find out what happened. No dog lover, Bognor doesn't relish the task. Somehow, the more absurd and low-key the assignment, the more trouble he tends to attract. This time, however, he's really destined to go to the dogs.

Dogs of War
Dogs of War is a treasure trove of marvelous anecdotes, scintillating tidbits, and delightful photographs of three beloved dogs sharing the limelight with Roosevelt, Patton, and Eisenhower as they battled together in their efforts to save the world from fascism. It includes such stories as Fala accompanying FDR on board the USS Augusta, where the President and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill signed the Atlanta Charter; Willie, who shuddered with fear at the sounds of gunfire during combat but traveled with Patton everywhere; and Telek, who garnered front page coverage in the British tabloid media when he and wife Caacie, pregnant with puppies, were photographed at a kennel during a six-month quarantine after returning home with Ike from Algiers. Dogs of War celebrates the unconditional, loving bond for man and his best friend, pays tribute to World War II history as our nation approaches the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and resurrects the tremendous thrill of a forbidden wartime romance. Fala, Willie, and are three incredible dogs who will undoubtedly capture the world's heart!

Original Dog Bible
The revised and expanded second edition of the best-selling The Original Dog Bible remains the most comprehensive dog lover's resource on the market: 830 pages and over 500 color photographs cover every topic under the canine sun! The book is divided into eight parts, each fully illustrated and designed for easy reference, plus helpful, entertaining sidebars covering hundreds of related topics. Section I: The Dog in Our World" starts with the domestication of dog and the development of breeds, explores the dog's place in world religion, folklore, and popular culture, and analyzes how the dog fits into our society in terms of rescue, animal welfare, legal matters, and ethical and social issues. Section II: A New Dog" is a new owner's primer to deciding upon the right dog, whether purebred or mixed breed, the requirements of keeping and caring for a dog, and various considerations before choosing a dog (children, size, energy, etc.). Individual chapters on finding a dog (from breeders, shelters, and rescue programs), preparing for the homecoming (puppy-proofing, supplies, safety), and bringing the dog home. Section III: Life with a Dog" discusses pet-care partners (from doggy day care to boarding kennels to pet sitters), emergencies, lost-dog protocol, traveling with a dog, senior years, and activities with a dog. The expansive activities chapter covers agility, flyball, sledding, weigh pulling, canine freestyle, lure coursing, herding, field trials, dock diving, Schutzhund, tracking, showing, therapy, obedience trials, and more. Section IV: Breeds" is the largest section in the book, providing an alphabetical catalog of over 250 purebred dogs, from Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier, including all of the most popular breeds in the world as well as many little known breed. Each breed is represented by a full-color photograph and an article detailing alternative names, country of origin, kennel club group, history of breed's development, physical description, height/we

One Dog Too Many
Mae December runs a successful dog boarding business in Tennessee. When her neighbor, Ruby Mead-Allison, fails to pick up her unruly Pomeranian from Mae's kennel, Mae pokes around and discovers the woman's body. It is clad in one red boot, and the

Labrador Retrievers For Dummies
You have a picture in your head. A picture of yourself with your practically perfect dog. You've always preferred big dogs, and your ideal dog is sturdy, strong, and energetic. At the same time, you envision a dog who is gentle and completely in tune to your needs, your whims, and your every move. That perfect dog is likely a Labrador Retriever. After all, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the United States, according to American Kennel Club registrations. Labs are beautiful, friendly, adaptable, easygoing, brave, loyal, dependable, and intelligent. What could be better? Labrador Retrievers For Dummies is a useful guide to have if you're thinking of getting a Lab or even if you already own one. Perhaps you're just curious about this popular breed. This handy reference is for you if you want to Find out if a Lab suits your lifestyle Know what to look for in Lab pups Determine if a breeder meets high standards Understand health and nutrition needs Handle emergencies with a cool head Train your dog with the lure-and-reward technique Show off your Lab in competitions You can live a fulfilling life with your Lab by making sure she is socialized, healthy, and well trained. What better task for humans and dogs than to be great companions for each other? However, you may need some help in knowing how to get the most out of your relationship with your Lab. This friendly guide offers that help with the following topics and more: Exercising your pup and older Lab Choosing the right veterinarian Exploring spaying/neutering Keeping your Lab beautiful with good grooming Helping your dog deal with divorce, a new baby, moving Managing barking and whining Housetraining your new puppy Traveling to dog-friendly vacation destinations Choosing a pet sitter or boarding kennel Volunteering your lab as a therapy dog Labrador Retrievers are big, energetic, and sometimes boisterous (especially as puppies), and they don't take care of themselves. They need you. Don't let t

Puppy's Caregivers: How To Pick Them
Real-life lessons and dirty secrets from the pet industry. This guide describes how to find the best caregivers, what to look for and what to avoid ingroomers, trainers doggy day care, dog walkers, boarding kennels, dog parks, pet si

Lisel The Dachshund; Life after adoption. A true picture story.
Ute Endler Anderson was born in Germany. She owned her first Dachshund as a young girl. After moving to the United States she learned to groom dogs, and later opened a successful boarding kennel in Pennsylvania. After her retirement Ute enjoyed wr

Placing Her Bet
Carissa Johnson doesn't like crowds. Truth be told, she isn't much of a people person at all. People make her nervous. She loves her job managing a kennel where they board animals as well as rescue dogs to find good homes for. G

Jump-Start Your Canine Care
You must have commitment, unconditional love, and loyalty when taking the leap to canine adoption. When you adopt an animal, you become their sole provider. In Jump-Start Your Canine Care, author V. Nunley provides a guide to help dog lovers move in a more liberal and positive direction in regard to companion animals' treatment and care. Focusing on a shift from mere pet ownership to companionship and guardianship, Nunley explores the many issues involved in the long-term care and protection of your canine companion. Jump-Start Your Canine Care offers advice in many subject areas to include: deciding whether or not to adopt a dog; choosing between a shelter or a store; selecting the right companion animal; considering doggie daycare or a boarding kennel; picking a groomer; understanding preventive measures; handling holidays, traveling, and neighbors; making contingency plans; hound-proofi ng your home. Bringing a loyal canine companion into your home is a life-altering move, but it's also one that-with careful preparation, planning, and training-provides many joys and rewards. "Never compromise on companion care"
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