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Purebred Rescue Dog Adoption
An inspiring, realistic guide to adopting purebred rescues Each year, millions of purebred dogs are given up by their owners for a varietyof reasons. Thanks to the recovery and rehabilitative efforts of rescueorganizations, many of these dogs are saved--and go on to become extraordinarycompanion animals. Now, Purebred Rescue Dog Adoption helps you decide ifadopting a purebred rescue dog is right for you. Professional dog trainer andpurebred rescue expert Liz Palika explains how to locate local and nationalrescue groups, what you can expect in the adoption process--and from your rescuedog--and how to help your dog make a successful transition to your "foreverhome." Palika also helps you: * Choose whether to adopt a puppy or an adult, male or female * Prepare your house, yard and family for the new arrival * Handle housetraining with care * Teach your adoptee how to behave with other people * Understand and work through problem behaviors * Get involved with purebred dog rescue yourself Complete with a list of up-to-date Internet resources,Purebred Rescue Dog Adoption tells you just what you need to know to make theright match while saving a dog--and feel wonderful about it!
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9780764549717

Successful Dog Adoption
Expert guidance in choosing the right dog -the first time Written by a renowned expert in shelter adoption, Successful Dog Adoption delivers all the information you need to find the perfect dog at a shelter and make him part of your family. In easy-to-understand language, Sue Sternberg helps you decide if you're ready to adopt by evaluating your reasons and translating them into what you should look for in a particular dog. She shows you how to find a reputable shelter, prepare for the adoption process, and work with shelter personnel to make sure they have appropriately screened their dogs. You'll also learn about "rescue" dogs and why one might be right for you. This practical guide covers all the vital issues you need to consider when adopting-choosing a male or female, a puppy or an adult; identifying fearful dogs or dogs who will bite; and seeking out a dog with the ideal temperament. Featured here are detailed tests and observations used by professionals to ascertain the temperament and compatibility of shelter dogs-now made available to the public for the first time. You'll discover how to determine risk factors in an unknown dog, gauge a dog's potential reaction to guests and strangers, and predict the compatibility level when you add another dog to your household. This book also offers invaluable advice on training your new pet, including guidance in housebreaking, selecting a training class, and helping a dog who gets carsick or doesn't like to be home alone. And, if you still experience difficulties with your dog, Sternberg gently discusses the steps you can take. Authoritative and friendly, Successful Dog Adoption is the one-stop guide for finding your own "superdog"-and keeping the dog-owner relationship fresh and rewarding for years to come.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9780764538933

Combining advocacy and memoir with social and cultural history, this book offers a comparative, cross-cultural survey of the whole history of adoption that is grounded in the author's personal experience.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781137332202

Looking to Joseph's adoption of Jesus as a model, this short book encourages readers to view adoption as a way to protect childrenborn and unbornfrom the injustices of abortion, abuse, and neglect.
Category: Religion. ISBN: 9781433549915

Combining advocacy and memoir with social and cultural history, this book offers a comparative, cross-cultural survey of the whole history of adoption that is grounded in the author's personal experience.
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9781137332202

Adoption: Changing Families, Changing Times draws together contributions from all those with an interest in adoption: adopted people; birth parents and adoptive parents; practitioners and managers in the statutory and voluntary sectors; academics and policy makers. Chapters on research and policy are interspersed with those from people with first-hand experience of being adopted, becoming an adoptive parent or giving a child up for adoption. Together, they provide unique insights into a subject that although regularly in the media is often surrounded by prejudice and misconception. Topics covered include: * children and young people in care * trying to adopt * waiting for adoption * life after adoption * the politics of adoption. This accessible text offers a comprehensive view of adoption policy, practice and services and analyses why adoption has become so controversial. It provides professional and general reader alike with a fully rounded picture of adoption and exposes some of the myths surrounding it.
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9780415256841

Logos and Adoption: Remi's Journey
The second book in the Logos the Dog childrens book series, Logos and Adoption: Remis Journey, features Logos, a lovable Golden Retriever who befriends Remi, a newly adopted, fluffy white dog from down the street. Remi is hesitant about trusting his new owners, and it is up to Logos to help him discover the true meaning of unconditional love and security through adoption. Full of adventure and intrigue, this book will teach children what it means to be chosen and adopted into the family of God.
Category: Religion. ISBN: 9781449753788

International Adoption
In the past two decades, transnational adoption has exploded in scope and significance, growing up along increasingly globalized economic relations and the development and improvement of reproductive technologies. A complex and understudied system, transnational adoption opens a window onto the relations between nations, the inequalities of the rich and the poor, and the history of race and racialization, Transnational adoption has been marked by the geographies of unequal power, as children move from poorer countries and families to wealthier ones, yet little work has been done to synthesize its complex and sometimes contradictory effects. Rather than focusing only on the United States, as much previous work on the topic does, International Adoption considers the perspectives of a number of sending countries as well as other receiving countries, particularly in Europe. The book also reminds us that the U.S. also sends children into international adoptionsparticularly children of color. The book thus complicates the standard scholarly treatment of the subject, which tends to focus on the tensions between those who argue that transnational adoption is an outgrowth of American wealth, power, and military might (as well as a rejection of adoption from domestic foster care) and those who maintain that it is about a desire to help children in need.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780814791028

Adoption Matters
Adoption Matters: Teacher Educators Share their Stories and Strategies for Adoption-Inclusive Curriculum and Pedagogy depicts the experiences of teacher educators and illuminates how adoption continues to shape their professional practice and stance.
Category: General. ISBN: 9781433158872

Inuit adoption
Utilizing primary ethnographic evidence from Hudson Bay and documentary evidence pertaining to other regions of the Arctic, the author examines the practice of Inuit adoption. The conclusions of this study have significant ramifications with respect to understanding Inuit social organization and kinship.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9781772822106
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