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A year of conflict in the Middle East. The UK economy is booming. The nightclubs and the bars are full. The UK is partying and weddings are happening like never before off the back of the millennium proposals. Meet Sebastian, a

DJ Dangerfield
. and you're listening to 91.3 FM."Justin knows three things for sure about DJ Dangerfield: He has some questionable taste in music. He always provokes Justin into ringing in. And he might just be his favorite weekly distraction. But who is this DJ Dangerfield in Real Life? And will Justin like him in the flesh as much as on the air?

Dj Diaries
If youve ever turned on a radio and called a DJ, this book might be about you! DJ Diaries: Radios Remarkable Listeners narrates the wild, wacky, and sometimes downright weird stories shared by hundreds of DJs about their on-and-off-the-air antics

The animal Dj s company
Este audiolibro relata las aventuras de dos hermanos: Mikah un cachorro de león y Patrik un chimpancé preadolescente. x000D x000D Juntos vivirán emocionantes aventuras en su camino por conseguir sus sueños, ser campeón del mundo de DJ's y de Park

Dj le do del lei
Ubriaco parlaUbriaco sta ad aspettarla

Dj le do del lei
Ubriaco parla Ubriaco sta ad aspettarla

Il Caos. tra Dj e producer
Quella del dj è una delle professioni che più attraggono i giovani: ma cosa significa essere davvero un dj? Passione, studio e una buona dose di gavetta sembrano essere ancora gli ingredienti necessari per fare un buon lavoro, anche in tempi di "i

DJ Skills
DJ Skills: The Essential Guide to Mixing & Scratching is the most comprehensive, up to date approach to DJing ever produced. With insights from top club, mobile, and scratch DJs, the book includes many teaching strategies developed in the Berk

The Pocket DJ
With more than two thousand songs handpicked and organized by former Spin magazine writer and editor Sarah Lewitinn (aka Ultragrrrl), The Pocket DJ is the ultimate insider's reference guide for selecting music, downloading MP3s,

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
At thirty-five, Destiny Day is at the top of her game, and she is the shrewdest and most ambitious sister walking around in a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. When she meets Taye Crawford, an independent financial advisor, Destiny finds herself

Radio DJ Secrets Revealed
Radio DJ Secrets Revealed: A beginner's guide to getting started helps solve the problems you may face when trying to break into the commercial radio industry. A personal guide to starting a career as a commercial radio DJ, as well useful advice on h

DJ Hot Pants
CourtneyMy best friend says I'm clumsy. in my defense it was only one kitchen and no one was hurt. A new voice through my radio has me cyberstalking a DJ. the worst thing happened today my clumsiness takes control as I'm grabbing the b

DJ Culture
"DJ Culture" erzählt die Geschichte der Popkultur als Geschichte der Diskjockeys - von den ersten Radio-DJs der 30er Jahre bis heute. DJs sind die Helden und geheimen Vorbilder unserer Kultur. Aus Altem schaffen sie Neues: unpathetisch,

Empire DJ
Who is the Empire DJ? His voice moving nations into chaos, stirring the maddening few to great power and delusion as order crumbles in the wake of his hypnotic sound. The question eludes Yumi, a young drifter and party girl living

DJ Diaries
If you've ever turned on a radio and called a DJ, this book might be about you! DJ Diaries: Radio's Remarkable Listeners narrates the wild, wacky, and sometimes downright weird stories shared by hundreds of DJs about their on-and-off-the-air antics with their listeners. From humorous questions about the weather to the crazy contests listeners have responded to, DJ Diaries plunges into the dark side of encounters with listeners who turn on more than the radio. It's about the silly, sexy, sensuous, sad, and sometimes extracurricular encounters deejays have become involved in when they break the most critical radio rule: never get personally involved with a listener! Dave Donahue's memoir explores listeners' involvements with deejays that have led to unexpected outcomes-even contests on the radio played by listeners that have ended in death! Still, as long as there is a mouth and microphone near it, there will always be a DJ. Are you ready to tune in?

Kill the DJ
In the year 2030, the world has been ruined by poverty and war. Seventeen year old Mia Forte is living in a motel room with her younger brother and sister. She escapes her problems by going to the club with her friends. When a new DJ shows up kids

Den barmhjertige dj vel
Tomas M0llehave er s0n af meget skrivende for ldre - Herdis og Johannes M0llehave - og var samtidig så ordblind, at han som 22-årig ikke kunne l se en bog. Umiddelbart lyder det som en tve gget, ironisk sk bne, og lige let har det ikke altid v ret

Memoirs of a DJ
You probably know her as Denise from Under One Roof or one-third of the hilarious Morning Express crew on Class95FM. Now read all about Vernetta Lopez in her tell-all book. Memoirs of a DJ is an honest account of where she's come from and what she's

How to Get $17,868.75 Monthly as a DJ
So you want to be a DJ, enjoying performances all around your local area AND the region while making serious money? Maybe you are a seasoned DJing music professional who knows all there is to know about music and want to take his/hers career to a

The Digital DJ Handbook
Here is the book you need if you want to make money deejaying parties, dances and special events! How can you attract clients who are willing to pay top dollar for weddings, bars, clubs and special events? It all starts with a grea
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