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Understanding Natural Disasters Magazine

A magazine about natural disasters.
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Find Out How You Can Protect Yourself And Your Family During Natural Disasters

When natural disasters strike all too many people find themselves helpless, frightened, injured and alone. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you? Aside from natural disasters we live under constant threat of terrorist attacks, biological warfare, violent breakout and other man made disasters. Are you really prepared to defend yourself and your family during times of emergencies, do you know what to do and how to do it?
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Children and disasters

Building resiliance through eduction
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Upside - Phone System Buying Disasters to Avoid: C-Level Executives Share Hard Learned Lessons

Phone system buying disasters can prove costly for any business. Unfortunately this hard lesson is learned too often as companies upgrade their phone systems. This whitepaper gets advice from phone system managers who were on the front line in remedying phone system disasters. Topics like buying incompatible hardware, brands with bad customer service, and companies with a bad SIP service are all covered. Also see other phone system buying mistakes that created disasters that could have been averted with proper preparation and foresight
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World Disasters Report 2009 - Focus on early warning, early action

While natural hazards cannot be prevented, they only become disasters because affected communities are vulnerable and unprepared. Early warning systems have been proved beyond doubt to save lives and reduce economic losses at all levels, as this report explains, but they are still not an integral part of disaster management and risk reduction globally. Nor is early action – the culture of prevention as the Hyogo Framework for Action called it – an effective and timely response to early warning, across different timescales. This report argues that early warning without early action is not enough; early action can do more to reduce loss of life and protect livelihoods than can be achieved through emergency response alone. National governments, donors and all stakeholders must take up this challenge.
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Building Resilience to Natural Disasters and Major Economic Crises

Building resilience to multiple shocks is one of the most pressing contemporary development challenges faced by Asia and the Pacific. Economic crises and natural disasters are on the rise and know no boundaries; they straddle wide geographic areas, spread across all sectors of economic activity, and endanger our communities. For communities still living in fragile and conflict-affected States, each shock erodes their capacity to cope with the next disaster or crisis on the horizon. They are twice as likely to be undernourished and their children three times as likely to be out of school, while they receive less than half the amount that Governments in other countries spend on education, health and security. These communities are stuck in life-long vulnerability traps from which it is very difficult to break out.
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Natural Disasters Workshop

Natural Disasters facilitators guide
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Handling Disasters | 2020 Vision for a Sustainable Society

Chapter Twenty Five - Handling Disasters
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Traffic Management Strategies in Cases of Disasters

A traffic management (TM) strategy is a collection of traffic management measures intended to act upon a given transport situation (traffic problems, special events or transport development states). Such strategies should contain mutually supportive measures; otherwise the desired impact is not obtained and often leads to counter-productive results. This paper presents TM strategies which could be implemented in special cases of disasters. These strategies were developed as a part of a research program undertaken by the author. The required TM measures that form the TM strategies were investigated from disaster-prone or disaster affected regions of India and Germany. These derived TM strategies were developed with consideration of their impact on both areas of application- traffic demand reduction and transport supply augmentation.
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Civil-Military Relations in Natural Disasters - 2011 keynote speech

Civil-Military Relations in Natural Disasters - 2011 keynote speech by Dr Hugo Slim. ◘ http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/Protecting-people-in-conflict/Improving-understanding-between-the-military-and-humanitarian-organisations ◘ http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/Protecting-people-in-conflict/~/media/BritishRedCross/Documents/What%20we%20do/Protecting%20people%20in%20conflict/NGOMilitary20Keynote.pdf
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