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Why Disability Insurance is great and we show you everything you need to know.

These are generally compensated on a month-to-mont...
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Disability and Poverty in Developing Countries: A Snapshot from the World Health Survey

This study aims to contribute to the empirical research on social and economic conditions of people with disabilities in developing countries. Using comparable data and methods across countries, this study presents a snapshot of economic and poverty situation of working-age persons with disabilities and their households in 15 developing countries.
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What Happens at a Social Security Disability Hearing?

The judge in your Social Security disability hearing is not bound by the prior rulings in your Social Security disability claim, which makes it an extremely important part of your disability claim process. This is why it is helpful to have Social Security disability representation with you throughout the Social Security disability process.
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Disability Insurance Policy 5 Things To Get The Best Deal

Disability Insurance Policy 5 Things To Get The Best Deal
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Status of disability rights in southern Africa

It often feels as if advocates for different groups are trying to out-do each other in order to claim that their group is the most marginalised. But new research on disability rights in southern Africa should end the argument once and for all – the most marginalised people are people with disabilities. Back in 2010, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) – in partnership with Open Society Foundations’ Disability Rights Initiative and the Open Society Foundation for South Africa – undertook a research project into disability rights in nine countries in southern Africa to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the state of disability in the region. The final reports have just been released and the findings make for depressing reading.
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The Faces of Disability Health Research

This Primer by Beth DeVolder provides insight into what exactly disability is and what it means to different people. It helps readers experience different points of view and begin to understand different aspects of disability. This document also examines the medical and social models surrounding disability health research and highlights several of the research projects undertaken by the Disability Health Research Network (DHRN).
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Denying Disability The Increase in Disability Directed Terminations – A Parent’s Perspective.

Presentation made at the Australian Spina Bifida Masterclass Conference held in Sydney 19/20 October 2012
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Disability Living Allowance A guide to appealing Disability Living Allowance Decisions

A guide to appealing Disability Living Allowance Decisions
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Sexuality and Disability in the Indian Context, 2010

Sexuality and Disability in the Indian Context presents an overview of the current scenario in India vis a vis sexuality and disability. This working paper is a collation of information and resources based on interviews with people with disabilities and with their parents, teachers, and other care providers. It also draws upon secondary research to examine existing laws and policies relevant to sexuality and disability in India.
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Social Security Disability Attorney

Social security disability attorneys are experts in evaluating the cases pertaining to the disability claims. An experienced social security disability attorney has the necessary expertise in evaluating the case of their clients and formulates a winning strategy.
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