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Children Can Achieve More With Holistic Learning Disabilities Treatment

Perhaps a child has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia or other learning or developmental disability. If parents have always felt that he or she could achieve more, then it’s possible that a new assessment can help.
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Enhancing IT Vocational Training and Employment Opportunities for Young Vietnamese With Disabilities

People living with disabilities are among the most disadvantaged in Vietnam. This case study describes the Information Technology Training Program for People with Disabilities. Participants completed advanced courses in software engineering and computation. More than 80 percent of the program's graduates found full-time employment or internships as a result.
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To Advance the Rights of Women and Children with Disabilities

The Wellesley Centers for Women partnered with the Forum for Women Law and Development ( FWLD), and the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association ( BNWLA), two premier women’s rights organizations in Nepal and Bangladesh to put into practice a unique model developed by the Wellesley Centers for Women in conjunction with the BNWLA and FLWD.
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A Framework for Supporting Postsecondary Learners with Psychiatric Disabilities in Online...

Elena has a psychiatric disability: bipolar (manicdepressive) disorder. Daniele suffers from depression. Both are serious cognitive disorders that have significant effects on learning, especially learning online. One of the problems students with psychiatric disabilities encounter is finding support in online environments, especially when 10, 50, 100, or even 6000 kilometers from the originating university. Students with disabilities represent a growing number of students in postsecondary education. As the opportunities for online education continue to grow exponentially, so does the number of students with cognitive disabilities, like Elena and Daniele. Unfortunately, this is often a forgotten group because of ignorance and fear in society. Taking online courses is an important option for all students. As we will see, at the same time an online course can be difficult for students with disabilities; it also has advantages. Access to online instruction needs to be made available to...
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Tax Benefits for Those with Disabilities

If you suffer from a disability that keeps you from working, you also have a limited income. Fortunately, the federal government offers tax relief for people with disabilities. Taxpayers with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities, may qualify for a number of IRS tax credits and benefits. If you or someone on your tax return is disabled, you may qualify for some of the following tax benefits:
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Enabling Students with Disabilities with Computing Interaction and Empowerment though Enhanced...

Abstract: As more technology changes the learning environment for educators, this has caused a greater need for instructors need to focus on the syllabus, subject content, administrative tasks, and students with varying learning styles, they may also nee d to address various learning style of students with disabilities. As more universities provide teacher training, the training may not be detailed enough to help instructors be prepared to work with classroom accommodations for students with disabilities . In particular, online instructors have another factor to work with in this situation, they have to work with students with disabilities virtually and offer similar or comparable accommodations. More educational institutions are seeing that more studen ts are enrolling in online programs and courses, and they realize that there may be some additional barriers to learning in terms of this learning environment⠒s technical process and structure. In particular, students with...
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Situation of persons with mental health problems and persons with intellectual disabilities

This report was commissioned by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) as part of the background material for the Agency’s publications on the fundamental rights of persons with mental health problems and persons with intellectual disabilities. The information, opinions and views in this report are those of its author(s) and the FRA does not bear any responsibility for either the reliability of the information or the views expressed therein.
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Guidelines on Scouting for People with Disabilities

Guidelines on Scouting for People with Disabilities Guidelines on Scouting for People with Disabilities is an extension of the resources WOSM has published in past to support this area, 'We Can' (1989) & 'Scouting with the Disabled' (2000).
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The Right of Children with Disabilities to Education-Position Paper

The Right of Children with Disabilities to Education: A Rights-Based Approach to Inclusive Education paper was commissioned by the UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEECIS )
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World Summit on Learning Disabilities

Publication containing all the presentations from the 2008 Foothills Academy World Summit on Learning Disabilities
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