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Sound Mind 7

Sound Mind gets spilly drunk in this 26-page McDonald’s extra large chocolate shake spiked with Bacardi White issue. Get your puke bags and buckets ready, kiddies. And what are you doing hanging out in the Blockbuster parking lot at 1am on a Thursday anyhow? Sound Mind Issue 7 critiques shirtless indie rock darlings, Hitler’s love life, the logical basis of artificial dichotomies, impressive squirrels, and the true meaning of num-nums. Also, the age old debate, pogs v placentas, is reconsidered at a length. Dive head-first into the murky depths of this fish-out-of-water edition of the zine voted best shawarma drip catcher (two years running!) and hope you don’t hit a rock…or a stump…or a bog person…
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Beyond Practical Dilemmas and Conceptual Reductionism:

the Emergence of an Accommodative Consciousness in the Alternative Globalization Movement This paper attempts to show the emergence of a new ideological trend within the global field of resistance against the corporate-led globalization. This ideological trend, coined here the alter-globalization trend, is ideal-typically constructed in terms of its associated mode of social thought. emergence of intellectual demands for transcending contradictions that are rooted in the post-1970s disputes between modernist and post-modernist, and materialist and post-materialist thoughts.
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Paper presented at the Conference of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), the Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) and the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa. 'Knowledge and Value in a Globalising World: Disentangling Dichotomies, Querying Unities' (Perth, 5-8 July 2011)
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The Rio Series

http://www.etsy.com/shop/lasercutlaboratory Spring/Summer 2012 is dedicated to my spiritual and emotional travel to Rio de Janeiro. The collection is made up of the stories, moments from my traveling translated into the language of my designs. The design accent are collars as a symbolical and brand identity. The collar throughout history has been used as a specific neckline vocabulary. In this case it is revealing stories about a beautiful city full of condensed dichotomies and contrasting fragments.
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False Dichotomies: Economics and the Challenges of Our Time

Economics, as a body of research, has failed to provide solutions to many of our most pressing challenges. The CIGI and INET conference, False Dichotomies: Economics and the Challenges of Our Time, held in November 2012, trained a spotlight on lines drawn by economists — between macro and micro, commercial lending and capital markets, and efficiency and equality.
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The State Of Humanity Address

In this work I call for a new Age of Reason and Prosperity. I proclaim that Mankind has underwent an existential crisis and has strayed from its ideals and has forsaken the very things that made it great. I stress that the villain is not any particular ideology but the tyrant known as big and oppressive government. I proclaim that if we communicate and understand one another more rather than create deeper dichotomies, we can create a sense of unity that will see the tyrant crumble and the world started anew.
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Distinguishing the Field of Educational Technology

Drawing on what researchers and professionals in the field internationally report, this paper reviews educational technology as an emergent field. The review reveals the continuum of perspectives on what the field is, and how it is bounded or fragmented. The paper describes the field from two perspectives: the professional and scholarly and considers how the forms of knowledge differ and overlap in each domain. It posits some dichotomies which may frame the field such as science social science and positivist post-modernist. Finally the paper provides conceptual frameworks for distinguishing fields from each other and suggests what the categorisation of the field might mean, especially considering its emergent status in a rapidly changing context.
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Participatory Gaming Culture: Indie Game Design as Dialogue between Player and Designer

In this thesis I argue that dichotomies between independent game design and mainstream design based on team size, commercial appeal or creative audacity are non-constructive. Instead, I consider the potential for a personal connection between player and designer a trademark of the indie scene. I investigate to what extent indie game designers are able to establish a personal dialogue with their audience through their game, instead of regular channels like blogs and Twitter.
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Scottish Poetry Library Autumn Programme 2012

Dichotomy – An Autumn Season of Parts and Wholes Edwin Morgan wrote a wonderful poem called ‘A View of Things’ in which each line begins with ‘what I love’ or ‘what I hate’. It includes the line ‘what I love about poetry is its ion engine’ which you can see emblazoned on a wall here in the library. Every time I read it I wonder, what does that mean? Flummoxing, but I love that about poetry – it makes me question and think about the world in a new way. Call it sacred and profane, call it transgression versus obedience, call it love and hate… I’d like the events of the SPL’s autumn season to reflect both sides, a myriad of views – to consider dichotomies and overlaps, to investigate the spaces between words and meanings; metaphorical spaces, emotional spaces, positive and negative space – with all its potency and implication. Jennifer Williams, SPL Programme Manager
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Meditation on distraction. Or a thesis on disparate antitheses, a unified theme on the disintegration of self/other dichotomies. Talking shit about the man while asserting autonomous authority over the subject: Sound.
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