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Mobile Agility and the Anytime, Anywhere Impact on IT
This white paper illustrates a brief history of mobile technology as we know it today, and explains why colleges, universities and schools should develop holistic approaches to mobile and grow their mobile agility to best connect with yesterday's prospective students, today's learners, and tomorrow's alumni. It offers tips on how to ride the mobile wave and achieve mobile agility.
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Speed Training - Acceleration
"How To Be The QUICKEST Player On Your Team.." The one weird thing they dont want you to know,
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Role of Information Systems for Strategic Agility in Supply Chain Setting: Telecommunication...
Abstract: The ability of a company to either adapt to the changes in the business environment or to influence the environment, for example by innovations, determines its success in gaining competitive advantage or even survival in the contemporary busines s environment. Both scholars and practitioners are constantly devising ways to survive the environmental pressures, such as, information overload, technological advances and obsolescence and globalization. This research proposes strategic agility comprise d of strategic sensitivity, strategic response and collective capabilities as one such business virtue required. One such competitive and complex industry is Telecommunication industry and this study makes use of a company in that industry to investigate strategic agility and information systems (IS) role in promoting strategic agility. In addition, the supply chain setting is considered because of its significance in the industry as one of the competitive factors. The research...
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An Accurate, Agile and Stable Traffic Rate EstimationTechnique for TCP Traffic
Traffic rate estimation is an integral part of many high speed network services and components. Algorithms suchas traffic conditioning, scheduling and admission control aredependent on accurate rate estimation. Several rateestimation techniques have been proposed however, theinherent bursty nature of Internet traffic, especially TCPtraffic, does not allow for easy rate estimation. Short termchanges may obscure output results or a change in traffic ratemay not always be detected. Thus estimators may not alwayspossess ideal characteristics of agility, stability and accuracy.As agility and stability are inter-dependent a single rateestimator cannot always be configured to be both agile andstable. In this paper a rate estimation technique is proposedthat uses two rate estimation techniques to configure an agileestimator in measuring the actual changes of traffic in a timelymanner as well as a stable one in ignoring short term variationsof traffic.
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Building Competitiveness in Africa's Agriculture: A Guide to Value Chain Concepts and Applications
The development and business communities recently have experienced a tremendous resurgence of interest in promoting value chains development as a way to add value, lower transaction costs, diversify rural economies, and contribute to increasing rural household incomes.
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[From the Innovators' Roundtable Series] Everyone knows that truly agile employees enable an organization to innovate, create new markets and even lay the foundations for industries of the future. And yet, what do we really know about creating an agile workforce? Despite a body of work on organizational agility, surprisingly little research has addressed individual and team-based agility. This briefing examines the concept of workforce agility, explains why it is critical to enterprise survival, describes its attributes and provides a number of steps management can consider to foster it.
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VWork: Measuring the benefits of agility at work
This report identifies the three Vs: Virtual, adVantage and Value that will define the benefits of agile working as it emerges over the next decade. As the concept of ‘virtuality’ gains ground, monetizing agility and creating a robust business case for changing the way we work will become essential. Winning strategies at work is all about success. And this success is for both employer and employee as the concept of VWork delivers dividends in a number of areas. Find out more about Regus: View the VWork launch presentation: It was given at WorkTech New York on May 18, 2011 by Bob Gaudreau, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Regus.
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quickness and agility
quickness and agility
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Folksonomies, Collaborative Filtering and e-Business: is Enterprise 2.0 One Step Forward and Two...
Enterprise2.0 is the use of emergent social software tools to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration within and between firms, their customers and partners. This paper proposes that Enterprise2.0 is a double-edged sword and should be adopted cautiously. Emerging trends in e-business are specialisation and collaboration, creating a diverse population of organisations, each tightly defined by its core competences, interacting in a constant sequence of transient relationships, each motivated by a particular market opportunity. These dynamic business networks depend on the establishment of appropriate platforms and global standards to enable smooth interaction between the service components, in particular, appropriate metadata such as ontologies. The dynamism of such an interconnected yet free- wheeling economy is constrained unless risks relating to investment in a new business relationship are reduced to levels where the risk-reward ratio favours agility rather than inertia. For...
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The Tactical and MMA Athlete: Bulgarian Bag Applications
This article asks the questions, "Who is the Tactical Athlete?"The tactical athlete is anyone who engages in high-risk/ high demand operations. These operators/athletes require high levels ofmuscular strength, muscular endurance, speed, power, agility,b alance,jo int mobility and muscle flexibility.
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