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Benefits of Desktop Virtualization
One of the modern day concepts, desktop virtualization is the process or mechanism in which a personal computer desktop platform needs to separated from a physical device, with the help of a client-server computing model.
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Desktop Virtualization Makes Mobile Computing a Breeze
That model is now beginning to become obsolete by the transformative power of ubiquitous desktop virtualization.
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Tips for Success in Enterprise Desktop Virtualization
An enterprise needs to examine each part of the IT infrastructure to decide on the best suited strategy to virtualize the IT environment.
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Desktop Virtualization Software Creating Cost Effective Workspaces
The tech savvy business houses and their corporate sector counterparts in their quest for better management practices of their wide enterprises have placed a new set of challenges for the IT industry.
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Understanding Desktop Virtualization
Desktop virtualization is the concept of detaching the environment of a personal computer desktop from the physical machine. Hence, instead of using physical machines users operate virtual machines to access their desktops.
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Understanding the Benefits of Desktop Virtualization in SMBs
SMBs that have a mobile staff, aggressive growth plans with increased security measures can enjoy tremendous benefits by adopting desktop virtualization. Perhaps due to the general perception that it is too complex or costly, it is the enterprises that have been quicker to adopt virtualization.
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A Quick Glance at the Various Approaches of Desktop Virtualization
In a recent survey it was found that companies with desktop virtualization projects often used more than one method of delivery. Although most users these days prefer to deploy more than one flavor of desktop virtualization, they are confused about the various options with all of the market competition around desktop virtualization.
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Making Remote Desktop Access Easy with Desktop Virtualization
With a change in today’s working environment, all PC users need a way to work remotely In order to boost productivity and mitigate the effects of business disruptions. With desktop virtualization, users have the flexibility in accessing their desktop from anywhere, thereby making remote access to personal workspace a reality.
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Desktop Virtualization Software: Catering The Changing Work Environment
Desktop virtualization is a process, which a remote client device is provided an access to an entire information system or the environment itself irrespective of the hardware configuration and operating system used by the client.
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Citrix Extends Desktop Virtualization Leadership with Acquisition of RingCube
Citrix Systems announced it has closed the acquisition of RingCube, a leader in user personalization technology for virtual desktops.
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