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GK VanPatter on Design Futures
Presented by GK VanPatter, CoFounder of NextDesign Leadership Institute on November 22, 2009 at the Swinburne Design Thinking Conference and on November 25 at Swinburne University School of Design in Melbourne. See the research that informed this presentation in the NextD Journal Archive: can follow NextD on Twitter:
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JOE 2008
The 2008 Edition of the Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008) provides a comprehensive picture of the trends that will turn today's world into tomorrows. It describes the contexts of conflict and war -- the troubling 'knots' of problems that may lead the future joint force to war. Finally, it describes the implications of these trends and contexts for the structure and function of the future joint force.
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UEL Fashion LookBook 2013
UEL Graduates 2013 - BA (Hons) Fashion Design, BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Fashion Marketing, BA (Hons) Fashion Futures, BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design.
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Sustainable Futures Report
This report aims to address the economic benefits of incorporating sustainable low impact design strategies to meet the needs of the local community along with environemtnal measures to enhance the local ecology.
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Ten of the best from 100% Design
If you are passionate about design this year's 100% Design Show could not have failed to impress. With inspiring displays from exhibitors across the World, the show was brimming with creativity. Our top picks are chosen from each of the three exhibition areas; Materials, Futures and Design. Along with forward thinking innovative design we unveil products crafted from an eclectic mix of materials such as wood, concrete, stone and aluminium. Be prepared to be captivated!
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Creative Futures 2013
Welcome to Creative Futures 2013 – a season of screenings, performances, open days, events and degree shows, which celebrate Bath Spa University’s fresh creative talent. Featuring the work of graduating students from right acrossthe creative and cultural industries, including design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, photography, textiles and visual arts, Creative Futures 2013 highlights just some of the expertise emerging from Bath Spa University this year.
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Siddharth Shah Academic Portfolio 1
My B. Arch. Academic Portfolio
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Siddharth Shah Academic Portfolio 2
My B. Arch. Academic Portfolio
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Programma Culture Futures
Programma Culture Futures
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EFMN Brief 94 on Iris Futures
The EFMN is a network of policy professionals, foresight experts and practitioners as well as analysts of Science, Technology and Innovation related issues. One of the basic tasks of the consortium is to monitor foresight initiatives and policy issues of potential relevance for the European Foresight Community. The EFMN publishes briefs that summarize the results of recently terminated or on-going foresight activities. Iris Futures was an explorative researchIris Futures is an explorative research project that looks at future oriented activities and futures thinking in the Brussels Capital Region (BCR). The main objective was the exploration of the potential role of foresight in the development of the BCR and the identification of tools, capabilities and conditions for an improved application of foresight in Brussels.
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