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Cloud Computing Definition
‘Cloud’ is a cliché, used as a metaphor for Internet – when combined with ‘Computing’ it narrates an internet-based computing. In simple words cloud computing comprises of virtual servers provided over the Internet for the organization through which various services are delivered to the client including storage & applications.
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Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach
We were fortunate enough to be able to talk with a lot of very talented people while preparing this book for you. We spoke not only to people who implemented their own cloud solutions, but also those who help develop cloud solutions, as well as officers of several major cloud solution providers.
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Connecting the Dots: Cloud and SOA
"How is SOA connected with cloud computing? What is the relevance of SOA to cloud and how is it applicable? These are often asked questions in perspective of cloud as a service oriented model. SOA and cloud are complementary to each other and they help each other to grow and, they can be pursued either independently or concurrently. An effective practice of both these concepts will help enterprises to be more efficient and agile. Read the paper to understand how SOA has helped cloud become what it is today and how it will continue to play a significant role in future."
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Infosys - Primer about Windows Azure
This paper is an introduction on Windows Azure and provides insights into different aspects of Azure based development especially for those who are interested in adopting Windows Azure within their Enterprise IT landscape. Read infosys white paper "Infosys - Primer about Windows Azure".
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SAAS Cloud Computing Service is the Best Business Applications
Cloud computing solutions are the most important services w.r.t the growth of the business and changing from the traditional application approach to the modern approach business.
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Source Cloud
This compendium of articles on cloud covers various aspects of cloud that services professionals need to understand. Trust that the collection helps you advance your thinking about cloud for the present and serves as a resource to guide you in your efforts to adopt cloud in the future.
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2012 CIO Summit Proceedings
The Key Info 2012 CIO Summit Proceedings document is now available! Learn from more than 100 CIOs and IT executives who attended the Santa Barbara retreat last fall and participated in 23 discussion groups. Uncover their thinking on the latest trends in Enterprise Social Networking, Mobile Computing, and BYOD. Read what challenges they face with Analytics and Big Data. Find out CIOs' concerns when incorporating new Storage, Networking, and Virtualization technologies. Learn how they are approaching Cloud Computing and more -- all in a single, comprehensive document.
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Cloud Computing Services - A Standard to???
Read this article to learn how to choose your web ...
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Cloud Computing - Relevance to Enterprise
Infosys white paper illustrates the evolution of cloud computing, key cloud providers and enterprise early adopters. Read Infosys whitepaper "Cloud Computing - Relevance to Enterprise ".
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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing increases profitability by improving resource utilization. Pooling resources into large clouds drives down costs and increases utilization by delivering resources only for as long as those resources are needed. Cloud computing allows individuals, teams, and organizations to streamline procurement processes and eliminate the need to duplicate certain computer administrative skills related to setup, configuration, and support.
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