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How To Lead Fearful People
Leadership is influence. In leading others comes the challenge of personalities and doubt. Maxwell (2011) identifies it as “Fearful Fred” and Moses simply said: “What shall I do with this People.” Doubt, which is fear, was the main challenge Moses faced while leading Israel out of the wanderings and there was only one way he was able to overcome.
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What It Means To Worship God: Tools To Help Better Your Craft
Before I go any further lets look at what’s in it for you to continue reading. The reality is everyone fits into one of four categories according to the type of personality you have. In additional to that, your leadership and the method in which you worship God varies in innumerable ways. What you will find in these pages are tools to you master your specific craft. As you apply the practical principals here the way in which you worship will intensify massively. These are very simple steps, but the action to become a master is where the challenge lies. Control, Creativity, Charisma, Compliance - if one of these four describe you than your tools for mastering you craft of worship are here.ControlLet’s say your task focused and you move at a fast pace. Driven by ...
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Living on the Peninsula - Spring 2011
The Spring 2011 edition of Living on the Peninsula, produced by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader and the Sequim Gazette.
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The Local Coupon Book 2009
The Local Coupon book, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader. Filled with stories and savings at Jefferson County businesses!
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Define the Relationship
October 3, 2012 Study Guide
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How to define a strategy the team understands
In business, there is endless debate about ‘strategy’. Yet the term is often confusing or misunderstood. In many businesses, strategy refers to anything ranging from business goals and target markets to specifics such as website management. A scattergun approach often ensues.
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The Marks of a Spiritual Leader
The marks of a Spiritual Leader
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IDEA - A simple Framework for Complex Alliances
Infosys Unveils IDEA for Alliance Framework Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 6:30PM In one of the first of several Tuesday afternoon 2012 Global Alliance Summit sessions, Subhojit Roye, head of alliances at Infosys BPO Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys Limited, revealed the company’s IDEA (Identify, Define, Establish, Assess) partner development process. The four stages of Infosys’ partner framework can be summarized as follows: Identify– What to do before meeting with a new partner Define– What to do when you meet a new partner for the first time Establish– How do you win the first clients with your new partner? Assess– How do you improve upon the relationship moving forward after the initial win(s)?
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Mercersberg: Define Your Place in Community
Mercersberg: Define Your Place in Community Residential Life Brochure
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Educational Identity as a Major Factor in the Development of Educational Leadership
The claim that educational identity is an essential characteristic of an educational leader leads us to a unique view of the way to develop educational leadership – a view that emphasizes the development of a considered system of goals, values and self-definition that a person is committed to. This view is not given adequate expression in the field of leadership training; it is eclipsed by a totally opposite view that focuses on providing leaders with the instruments and tools they need. The two views are not mutually exclusive, but they are guided by different answers to the questions of “Who is a good leader?” and “What qualifications are necessary to be a good educational leader?”
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