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No Defense
Lara and Vinny Jessup had a lovely May-December marriage-until the day Vinny was found dead. Initially, the sheriff in Loomis County thinks that Vinny died when his car rolled over on a bad curve on Lookout Mountain. But then he finds a gunshot wo

Dr. Alex Delaware doesn't see many private patients anymore, but the young woman called Lucy is an exception. So is her dream. Lucy Lowell is referred to Alex by Los Angeles police detective Milo Sturgis. A juror at the agonizing trial of a serial

The Brain Defense
Called "the best kind of nonfiction" by Michael Connelly, this riveting new book combines true crime, brain science, and courtroom drama. In 1991, the police were called to East 72nd St. in Manhattan, where a woman's body h
Tags: Adult · Law · 9781524736217

The Best Defense
Kate Wilhelm returns to the marvelous milieu of Death Qualified with this page-turning legal thriller. The neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, is blue-collar; the cafe holds only three tables and four booths. But it's the only place attorney Barbara H

Luzhin Defense, The
Nabokov's third novel, The Luzhin Defense, is a chilling story of obsession and madness. As a young boy, Luzhin was unattractive, distracted, withdrawn, sullen - an enigma to his parents and an object of ridicule to his classmates. He takes up che

Self Defense
Annie Reed, award-winning author of PRETTY LITTLE HORSES, returns with a powerful story of a mother and son who both must learn how to stand up to the bullies in their lives. When Miriam's son tries to defend himself against schoolyard

The Defense
"If you're a fan of John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Brad Meltzer, then you will be a fan of Steve Cavanagh's The Defense." *Nelson DeMille, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Radiant

Prepper's Home Defense
Prepper's Home Defense

SWAT Defense
Making the defensive call has never been harder. Coordinators have the greatest challenges in football history. Spread no-huddle offenses, extreme passing, clock-changing rules. More to defend, less time to think. Arcaro's SWAT Defense shows how t

Home Defense Guide
The home defense guide for women is a detailed compilation of modern weapons and self defense products which includes comparisons and specifications as well as information on ammunition and accessories. This book was specifically designed for wome

Contracted Defense
Contracted Defense by Piper Drake will be available Nov 2016 from Carina Press!

The Vendetta Defense
In a case steeped in blood and memory, It will take a stroke of brilliance to save Pigeon Tony. But if anyone can see justice done, it may be this gutsy young attorney. She'll risk everything for her client. including her life. In The

Last Line of Defense
"Last Line of Defense" is about the military-industrial complex. The twentieth century has witnessed the uncertain link between business need, political will and personal greed exploding into acrimony and corruption. This book examines t

DOD continues to confront organizational challenges that hinder collaboration. To address these challenges, section 911 of the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2017 directed the Secretary of Defense to issue an organizational strategy that identifies critical

Rumpole for the Defense
Whether he's quoting Wordsworth or having words with a particularly obtuse judge, Horace Rumpole always knows what he's doing-even if no one else does. In this delightful collection of stories, Rumpole straightens everyone out in the shocking cas

SOS Pressure Defense
One of basketball's all-time bestselling books, SOS Pressure Defense is a "How to" guide for coaching pressure defense in a logical and sequential progression. Each chapter is highlighted via easy to read text and diagrams. SOS Pressure Defense, whic

DOD spends billions of dollars each year on systems that support its key business areas, such as personnel and logistics. For fiscal year 2018, DOD reported that these business system investments are expected to cost about $8.7 billion. The NDAA f

Playing Defense
This book is designed to give a comprehensive and systematic view of the rules for defense. The various subjects contain rules for how to defend against a long suit, when and how to ruff, how to defend against a squeeze play or an endplay, when an

The Vendetta Defense
In The Vendetta Defense, Lisa Scottoline, New York Times bestselling author of Moment of Truth and Mistaken Identity, tells a wonderfully rich story of past sins, love and justice. Lawyer Judy Carrier tak

In Defense of History
In his compact, brilliant, and compulsively readable account, Richard J. Evans shows us how historians manage to extract meaning from the recalcitrant past. To materials that are frustratingly meager, or overwhelmingly profuse, they bring an array
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