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Draws on true stories of people who have been involved in criminal violence to illustrate how to develop a survival mindset and quick, immediate reactions in the case of a criminal attack
Published by Simon and Schuster on 05/01/1996
Book details: 256 pages.

Offense, Defense, and War
An overview of offense-defense theory, which argues that the relative ease of offense and defense varies in international politics. Offense-defense theory argues that the relative ease of offense and defense varies in international politics. When the offense has the advantage, military conquest becomes easier and war is more likely; the opposite is true when the defense has the advantage. The balance between offense and defense depends on geography, technology, and other factors. This theory, and the body of related theories, has generated much debate and research over the past twenty-five years.This book presents a comprehensive overview of offense-defense theory. It includes contending views on the theory and some of the most recent attempts to refine and test it.
Published by MIT Press on 10/15/2004
Book details: 484 pages.

In Defense of Food
Cites the reasons why people have become so confused about their dietary choices and discusses the importance of enjoyable moderate eating of mostly traditional plant foods.
Published by Penguin on 01/01/2008
Book details: 244 pages.

An Elegant Defense
A magnificently reported and soulfully crafted exploration of the human immune system–the key to health and wellness, life and death. An epic, first-of-its-kind book, entwining leading-edge scientific discovery with the intimate stories of four individual lives, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times journalist. “An Elegant Defense by Matt Richtel is one of those rare nonfiction books that transcends the genre. On one level it is a fascinating and engrossing account of the latest, and quite astonishing, discoveries involving the human immune system and how it works. But it is also a story about people facing mortality, about the passion of scientists searching for truth, and a meditation on death and how all of us struggle with the ultimate mystery. Heartfelt and moving, full of compassion, love, and the human drama, this is the work of a writer of high ethical character who is grappling with big issues and deep humanistic problems. What an inspiring and wonderful read. I highly recommend this extraordinary book.” —DOUGLAS PRESTON, #1 bestselling author of The Lost City of the Monkey God
Author: Matt Richtel
Published by HarperCollins on 03/12/2019
Book details: 448 pages.

Thinking about the Insanity Defense
Thinking About the Insanity Defense answers ninety-seven frequently asked questions and presents sixteen case examples in easily understood language. This volume provides a clear and compelling introduction to one of the most important topics in the relation between psychology and law. Compiled by members of a Harvard seminar, it directs attention to the issues most often raised by the general public and by students of social science and criminal justice. The frequently asked questions about the insanity defense address: its history and psychological aspects; the effects of different standards for determining insanity; the arguments for its retention, abolition, and revision; media and other responses to it; controversies around pre- and post-conviction commitment; and the roles of psychologists, psychiatrists, and lawyers. The case examples illustrate a variety of outcomes and include individuals who were: found not guilty by reason of insanity; found guilty even though mentally ill; and not charged because of mental illness. The extensive bibliography directs students and citizens interested in psychology, law, and criminal justice to further cases and analyses. The insanity defense is one of the most significant topics in psychoforensics. This brief and readable book is the first place to look for what most people want to know about the insanity defense.
Published by iUniverse on 02/01/2005
Book details: 276 pages.

A Defense of Abortion
The most thorough and detailed case for the moral permissibility of abortion yet published.
Author: David Boonin
Published by Cambridge University Press on 08/20/2019
Book details: 350 pages.

Ego Mechanisms of Defense
Not since Anna Freud's 1937 book, The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense, has any one volume explored this topic as fully as Ego Mechanisms of Defense by George E. Vaillant. By summarizing the latest empirical studies, proposing a universal language of defense mechanisms, and demonstrating how various assessment methods can be used in diagnosis, case formulation, and treatment, Dr. Vaillant and an interdisciplinary group of contributors provide the groundwork for clinical practice as well as future research in the field.
Published by American Psychiatric Pub on 08/20/1992
Book details: 306 pages.

In Defense of American Liberties
Argues that the American Civil Liberties Union helped shape mainstream American ideas of freedom rather than undermine them.
Published by SIU Press on 08/20/1999
Book details: 479 pages.

Logical Self-defense
Classic work once again available. Offers step-by-step guidelines for identifying and analyzing arguments. It outlines a theory of good argument to use for purposes of evaluating and constructing arguments. It contains guidelines for constructing arguments and for preparing and writing essays or briefs. Special methods for interpreting and assessing longer arguments are provided. It gives guidelines to help filter out the more reliable information from newspapers and television news. Offers an array of devices to deal with the tricks and deceits of so much of today's advertising. Helps students improve their ability to recognize, interpret, and evaluate arguments and to formulate clear, well-organized arguments themselves. Secondary and college students, debate coaches, classroom instructors, community active people.
Published by IDEA on 02/01/2006
Book details: 312 pages.

Defense Management
Addresses the challenges DoD faces to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its weapon systems acquisition and contract mgmt. Weapon systems programs continue to take longer to develop, cost more, and deliver fewer quantities and capabilities than originally planned. DoD also continues to face challenges managing service contracts and contractors. The current fiscal environment combined with operational demands elevates the need to improve weapon systems acquisition and contract mgmt. DoD has taken steps in response to recommendations made over the past decade. DoD needs to: translate policy into practice; ensure steps undertaken result in intended outcomes; and conduct a reexamination of its reliance on contractors. Illus.
Published by DIANE Publishing on 05/01/2009
Book details: 28 pages.
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