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Groupthink and its Effects on Rational Decision Making in Formal Organizations
This paper will attempt to outline the effects that groupthink has on rational decision making at the group level within organizations. Employing the definition of both William H. Whyte and Irving Janis’ definition of groupthink, the consequences of groupthink are explored within a historical and modern day context.
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On Decision Making
Decision making is a stream of inquiry, not an event. Decision-driven organizations design and manage it as such: they match decision-making styles to appropriate techniques and, wherever possible, encourage parties to play roles rife with dissent and debate; decision rights are part of the design.
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Managerial Decision Making | Strategic Business Development Skills
The programme focuses on the practical application of management theory and principles at the operational level within the organisation, thus providing momentum for continuing professional and personal development. By completing this programme you will learn how to: Enhance your management of information systems and finance ; Meet the challenges of a competitive business world ; Manage people, performance and organisational operations ; Market your products or services more effectively ; Plan and undertake management projects
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MIDEM. Models for Interactive Decision Making
This article is a broad reflection on e-Democracy models used in several countries throughout the last 20 years. It is based on hands-on experience gained through experiments and projects with local authorities conducted since the days of videotex. In essence, ICT can be utilised to radically transform the shape of political decision making into a citizen-oriented vision. The realisation of this vision must involve the participation of people and continuous deliberation between citizens and political decision makers. Although e-Democracy is considered a way for creating genuine dialogue between interest groups in a society in the future, the technology needs motivated communities to ensure self- governance is developed. If used properly ICT will transform our understanding of political action.
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Inside Football - The art and science of decision making
Ask fans what they consider to be the essential skills of an expert AFL player you’d expect a long list of physical abilities. The general consensus of what makes a truly skilled player focuses on what his hands, feet and legs can do. But this is only part of the picture. One skill is demonstrated hundreds of times more during a game than a good tackle, a great mark or a brilliant kick, and is the single skill that can be the difference between winning and losing. It’s decision making.
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Decision Making at the Individual and Organizational Level
This paper will attempt to outline comparable and parallel ideologies of decision making at the individual and organizational level as well as the differences between the two. Employing both Harrison’s and Simon’s definition of decision making, the topic will also be explored within the context of organizational learning--an important construct of decision making at the organizational level that also has an impact on individual decision making within an organization.
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An IC-based Conceptual Framework for Developing Organizational Decision Making Capability
Organizations need to be able to access, coordinate and integrate knowledge more efficiently than ever before to make sense of the complex and unpredictable forces shaping business conditions. Often knowledge is sourced from diverse yet interconnected networks of individual experts and organisations. In this environment, it is hard to ensure that decisions are based on the best available knowledge and do not work against one another. More alliances and inter-organizational partnerships and various contractual relationships with individuals broaden the range of perspectives and values to be considered, which makes it even harder to determine what a "good" decision looks like. The proposition underpinning this research is that intellectual capital investments can help turn organizational decision making into the dynamic capability required to handle a changing world. The aim is to present a conceptual framework that can be used to target these investments more effectively. A focused...
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Decision making under uncertainty: a new paradigm for water security
Professor Patricia Gober, University of Saskatchewan, Arizona State University, USA Decision making under uncertainty: a new paradigm for water security.---- PLENARY: Global change and the evidence base for strategic policy and business decisions ---- Plenary to take stock of the evidence and trends in water insecurity in regions confronting rapid global change across interacting climate, economic and demographic risks and uncertainties
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Making A Decision To Change My Life – Part 2
Part 2 of making a decision to change my life. My career decisions for 2013
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Overview of Decision Making Process in Psychology and its types
Decision making is a very competitive psychological task for the human beings. Since because from the multiple choices or options choosing best one is always difficult.
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