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SAP Users List - SAP Decision Makers List - SAP Customers List
Thomson Data provides the Best SAP users list, SAP Decision Makers List and SAP Customers List for better marketing campaign performance with increased ROI and conversion.
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Oracle Users List - Oracle Mailing List - Oracle Decision Makers List
Buy Oracle Users List to reach Oracle Applications Decision Makers professionals with 90% accurate data and best deliverability guarantee.
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Connecting you to Siebel decision makers
Siebel Decision Makers List assists marketers in reaching the top-level executives and decision makers of companies using Siebel. We also assist in data boosting, campaign running and tracking result.
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The Most Upshoted SAP Decision Makers List
SAP, as a leading enterprise application software, sees use in a variety of companies across multiple sectors from Aerospace and Defense to Manufacturing and Retail. The flexibility of SAP software allows for the development of a wide range of custom applications, further extending the usage area and popularity of this already prominent management system.
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Financial Management: Financial literacy for decision makers
Most companies, large or small, have key staff members who are strong as it relates to financial analysis and financial management……..WRONG! The fact is that most organizations still equate financial management as the ability to make sure that there is money in the bank, that financial records are up to date, or that there is a proper accounting of all financial resources. What many people don’t understand is that those activities are closely related to financial MAINTENANCE, not financial management; and yes THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.
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"Beyond Payroll" Solutions for Finance Decision Makers
Beyond Payroll Solutions for Finance Decision Makers
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IT Executives List - IT Decision Makers List - IT Executives Mailing List
An Exclusive Database of over 220,000 IT Executives List is one of the largest available database in the market with Extensive and geographically segmented lists.
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Knowledge in Action - Issue 22 - Developing Individuals to be Knowledgeable Decision Makers
For a downloadable copy, click “more” below, and use the link provided, or email [email protected] You can also signup to Issuu if you prefer, and then download the document directly from here. Recent paper on the subject of judgement and developing individuals to make better decisions. Follows a major theme and expertise here at Henley...
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Investment Confidence Among Laboratory Decision Makers
The study investigates investment decisions of healthcare-related laboratory decision makers. It shows that 2011 was tumultuous for the laboratory industry. In comparison, the outlook for 2012 looks only slightly positive. In particular, laboratory decision makers generally expect their funding conditions to either remain the same or minimally improve. Nonetheless, with this year still kicking-off, there are reasons to believe that 2012 has some good things in store for the laboratory industry. Laboratory decision makers are fairly confident that their laboratories will be sufficiently funded to maintain proper work environments and acquire the necessary technology to reach the research objectives. ...
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Geoengineering for Decision Makers
Until recently, proposals for using geoengineering have been viewed with extreme skepticism, but as projections concerning the impact of climate change have become more dire, a growing number of scientists have begun to argue that geoengineering deserves a second look. The report reviews the challenges of geoengineering governance and argues for giving much greater attention to upstream governance strategies that are applicable early on, beginning even with theoretical studies, modeling, and laboratory experiments. The report also examines the challenge of downstream governance where agreed upon processes will be needed for approving large-scale field experiments as well as actual deployments, if they should prove necessary. Further, it suggests a number of principles that decision makers can follow going forward. By Robert L. Olson, senior fellow at the Institute for Alternative Futures.
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