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Underground DIY ZIne featuring interviews and reviews of thrash, crust, punk, hardcore, death, black, doom bands. Also has artwork features.
Uploaded by jonno666 on 04/10/2013
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

Decimator Magazine Introductory Issue
The introductory issue for DECIMATOR MAGAZINE! Shedding some light on the DFW metal scene and trying to make a difference! Short, simple, to the point.
Uploaded by decimatormag on 04/11/2011
Digital publication details: 14 pages.

Metal Punk Death ZIne "All Hail Hell" Issue 2
Uploaded by jonno666 on 04/26/2013
Digital publication details: 21 pages.

Heavy Metal Tribune issue 2 (September 2012)
The second issue of Heavy Metal Tribune featuring interviews with Brazilian thrash maniacs Violator, oppressive Australian black/death metal outfit Greed & Rapacity, American death metal band Marasmus and Malaysian depressive/melancholic black metal band Filsufatia. In addition, we introduce our new News section, alongside our usual editors’ picks, with 6 albums that will leave your ears bleeding in joyful pain!
Uploaded by heavymetaltribune on 08/30/2012
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Voices From The Underground eMagazine Issue 1
The Ultimate Free Metal Music eMagazine. Features Interviews, Reviews and Articles by some of the best Underground Metal Music bands Worldwide!!
Uploaded by vftu on 11/02/2009
Digital publication details: 51 pages.

Black Forest Magazine - Issue 1
This is the first issue of Black Forest Magazine.
Uploaded by blackforest on 04/30/2009
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 4 (November 2012)
OUT NOW: The fourth (November 2012) issue of Heavy Metal Tribune! This month we talk to Dagon, mastermind behind the cult black metal band Inquisition to learn more about the history of the ancient cult, and their evolution over the years. Rob Moschetti then tells us more about the project featuring Exodus‘ Rob Dukes, Generation Kill. Polish death metal supergroup Masachist graces our Sounds of the Underground column this month, and Singapore thrashers Xanadoo tells us more about the shit that goes on behind the scenes and in their heads. And as usual, 6 records that will leave your neck totally destroyed.
Uploaded by heavymetaltribune on 10/30/2012
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Scratch the Surface Issue 2
Scratch the Surface Issue 2 Featuring interviews with Textures, ICS Vortex, The Konsortium, Entrails, Mors Subita, Fleshred and Skirmish.
Uploaded by scratchthesurface on 11/13/2011
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 3
The third issue of Heavy Metal Tribune zine! In this issue, we talk to Greek symphonic extreme metallers Septicflesh, New Zealand old school heavy metal revivalists Razorwyre, Mexican old school death metal horde Zombiefication and local goregrind-turned-techdeath band Cardiac Necropsy. Also, Aeternus Metallum recommends 6 records!
Uploaded by heavymetaltribune on 09/29/2012
Digital publication details: 12 pages.

Ghost Cult Magazine Issue 3
Ghost Cult Magazine Issue 2 Featuring Interviews with The Devil, The Secret, Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree, Marty Friedman, Ahab, Dynferi, Amenra, Killing Joke, Rage Nucleaire, Ides Of Gemini, Prosperina, Nine Covens, Skálmöld, Crowned and Dordeduh.
Uploaded by scratchthesurface on 12/06/2012
Digital publication details: 46 pages.
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