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Datacenter Virtualization- Growth of Datacenter Virtualization
Datacenter virtualization is a practice, which results in separating the applications and data from the computers and disks that they operate on. For instance, an organization’s CRM database might be present in the CRM data drive and stationed in a specific rack, and is served by a particular processor. A virtualized datacenter often supports a database that normally occupies a space of 100 gigabytes. Thus the physical location of this space is not of much significance to others apart from the virtualization manager. You can back up the overall system by giving adequate instructions to the virtualization manager.
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Benefits of Datacenter Virtualization
The modern day data center managers have two essential operation guidelines to adhere. First operational efficiency by minimizing power and energy requirement and assuring optimum data-center resource utilization. The second is application accessibility without having to compromise on application performance. Generally, these two are found at odds with each other.
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Benefits and Challenges of Datacenter Virtualization
The data centers and other crucial business applications are being consolidated fast by using the advanced hardware and software virtualization methods. This helps in significantly minimizing the expense. Datacenter virtualization also allows business houses to adjust and cope up efficiently with the ever-changing business requirements.
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Enhance Organizational Performance with Datacenter Virtualization
The fast growth of global business establishments and the stiff competition prevalent in the business environment demands business continuity irrespective of the time differences across geographically distant locations.
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Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions
Another Microsoft Press eBook for the IT Community
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Modify Your Datacenter with New Age Datacenter Transformation Services
Datacenter Transformation services offer an IT organization with certain strategic guidelines that allows them to have a better understanding of transformations that would help an organization the most, and set up the business justifications.
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Tips for a Successful Data Center Virtualization
Virtualization brings the potential to deliver dramatic savings in terms of server count, footprint, power consumption and cooling requirements for data centers. Data center virtualization encompasses a range of virtualization activities aimed at creating a virtualized computing environment, such as for use in cloud computing, within a data center. Here are some tips to ensure a successful data center virtualization
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Understanding the Benefits of Data Center Virtualization
As a proven data integration technique, datacenter virtualization is being increasingly adopted by enterprises, and has become a popular trend over the last few years. Virtualization continues to evolve, the recent times has seen an overwhelming rise in the need for datacenter virtualization.
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Get Next Gen Datacenters with Datacenter Transformation
Today’ IT environments are more complex with stricter regulatory guidelines, compliance requirements and budgets. Considering the current economic crisis, companies and organizations are forced to look for ways to enhance service levels with existing resources. Hence, the need of the hour is an IT strategy that can help achieve the speed and agility that IT organizations need to attain business growth. This is what companies and organizations hope to achieve with datacenter transformation.
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Bring Down Your Power Consumption by Datacenter Consolidation
With advancements in computer technology, one of the concepts that have gained prominence is datacenter consolidation. However, it was mentioned in an article in Federal Computer Week highlighted that "golden source of data around cost savings, around every data center that agencies own [and] a very specific road map for which data centers will be shut down by 2015."
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