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Enterprise Data Quality
Do you trust your data enough to tell it to a judge? If the answer is “no” or “not sure” then action is needed to create ‘rock solid’ trusted data once and for all to achieve compliance, transparency and total business confidence. This white paper by industry guru Mike Ferguson explains how this problem can be solved and offers suggestions on how to approach getting better data from your critical systems.
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TechNavio Announces the Publication of its Report on the Global Green (Sustainable) Data Center
TechNavio today launched its report on the Global Green Data Center Market 2010-2014. The report, which is based on an in-depth study of countries in the Americas and in the EMEA and APAC regions, aims to aid decision makers understand the key trends impacting this market.
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Evolving Structure in the Implementation of Healthcare Information Systems: An Actor-Network...
Public sector ICT use is now moving towards integration of services and processes across departments, for instance in the healthcare sector. This is a challenging issue as it involves distributed decision making, often across both public and private organizations, which implies a multitude of issues. Enterprise Architectures (EA) aim at providing a common framework that includes data, resources and processes, through which all aspects of the enterprise can be directed towards a common goal in an efficient manner. It as been argued that architectures should be perceived as evolving (rather then as carefully planned roadmaps), although more research on how EA evolves is needed. This paper addresses the general question of, how does an EA evolve during implementation? A case study is used to illustrate how an EA evolves throughout the process of implementation. The case is the implementation of a national patient record system in the decentralized Swedish healthcare system. The...
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The Data Zoo
Julian Schwarzenbach publishes a white paper on how user behaviours affect information quality.
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Data retrieval mac
Data Retrieval Mac software is such powerful software which easily and conveniently retrieves the lost data. It is even very user friendly and non-techies can also use the software.
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Interact Direct Data Services Catalog
Interact Direct is Canada's leading provider of contact data quality and enhancement services. This cataog provides an overview of the services and various solution platforms offered.
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Household Structures and Savings: Evidence from Household Surveys
This paper examines the relationship between household structures, the institutions that shape them and physical and human capital accumulation using household and individual data from China, Indonesia, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.
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Infosys - Value Proposition | Cloud Computing
CIOs should integrate Cloud Computing into their IT strategy and adopt it in business scenarios and applications that are adaptable to Cloud Computing models
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Drifting Identidy Station
The Drifting Identity Station uses a model of former Soviet Polar Stations, which was a trend in the 50's to explore the arctic environment while experiencing extreme cold. Station operates in the harsh climate associated with “political winter,” while researchers interested in the socio-political environment by deploying various devices and methodologies in order to collect and monitor the data that is relevant to the given context. While exploring the frozen landscape, researchers analyze old trajectories (derived from the former USSR political construct and a new formation in European Union progress) to identify what characterizes the mapping of states and identities in an attempt to determinate the intensity and temperature of the political debates connected to ongoing process of EU enlargement. The process of formation of European Union have polarized the issue of the identity of the states and its inhabitants in certain contexts.
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Identifying the Pathways for Meaning Circulation using Text Network Analysis
A method and algorithm for identifying the pathways for meaning circulation within a text. Visualizing normalized textual data as a graph and deriving the key metrics for the concepts and for the text as a whole using network analysis. The results are then used to detect the key concepts, which function as junctions for meaning circulation within a text, contextual clusters comprised of word communities (themes), as well as the most often used pathways for meaning circulation. Several practical applications of our method ranging from automatic recovery of hidden agendas within a text and intertextual navigation graph-interfaces, to enhancing reading and writing, quick text summarization, as well as group sentiment profiling and text diagramming.
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