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Exploring the SME Quandary: Data Governance in Practise in the Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise...
The purpose of this paper is to explore how small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) perceive data and data governance and investigates whether current data governance frameworks are applicable to SMEs. Enterprises of all sizes and complexity have had to learn how to operate in an increasingly digital business environment. Such an environment demands that an enterprise equips itself with the ability to use its data effectively both internally and when dealing with external partners such as suppliers and customers. Enterprises now recognise that both their survival and success requires taking control of all aspects of their data as a critical business resource. In recognition of the demands placed on enterprises in this digital age, a discipline has emerged called data governance. Although the definition of data governance is still evolving, current usage describes this discipline as being a facilitator for enterprises to take control over all aspects of their data resource from the...
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The Patient Data Analysis Information System: Addressing Data and Information Quality Issues
95 ©Academic Conferences Ltd Reference this paper as: Sammon, D., O‟Connor, K. A. and Leo, J. “The Patient Data Analysis Information System: Addressing Data and Information Quality Issues.” The Electronic Journal Information Systems Evaluation Volume 12 Issue 1 2009, Page pp. 95 - 108, available online at 1. Introduction ISSN 1566-6379 Keywords: geriatric medicine, patient-centric data, data integrity, relational data model, n-tier architecture, evaluation.
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DC Big Data Exploration Final Report
More than 150 topic experts, data scientists, civic "hackers," civil society groups and development practitioners gathered at the World Bank on March 15-17, 2013 for the DC Big Data Exploration event. Working alongside Bank experts on the Poverty and Fraud & Corruption teams, data scientists uncovered new ways of collecting, exploring, and visualizing data to maximize their impact. The collaboration between the two communities yielded new insights from World Bank data, devised new ways of using existing big data sources for monitoring poverty and corruption, and created entirely new streams of data that the Bank and its partners can use in future research.
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Militating against data fabrication and falsification: A protocol of trias politica for business...
Data fabrication and falsification are clear breaches of research ethics, but have been shown to be insidious factors in various research disciplines. It would be naïve to believe that data fabrication and falsification do not affect the validity and reliability of business research. It behoves all users of such research to militate against these unethical practices and ensure that they do not go undetected. This paper briefly reviews the motivations for researchers, interviewers or surveyors to falsify or fabricate research data. This is followed by a discussion of techniques in the literature for detecting such unethical and fraudulent practices. Typically, these rely on the premise that falsification or fabrication of data results in anomalies in the dataset that cannot be attributed to sampling or methodology. A number of business case studies are discussed involving subtle data anomalies that could be attributable to fabrication or falsification or data. It is demonstrated...
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Open Data: a design for the provisioning of Dutch government public and geo-spatialtransport data.
Bachlor Thesis Industrial Engineering and Management on the topic of open data. The thesis presents a design for the provisioning of open transport and geo-spatial data in the Netherlands.
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Data as Culture
In late 2012 the Open Data Institute and MzTEK ran an open submission process for artists to submit data-driven art for a collection known as Data as Culture. This catalogue documents the seleted works, with texts from the curators and the artists.
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Engaging Layers of Intangibles Across Intelligent Learning Ecosystems for Competitive Advantage
The Intelligent Learning Ecosystem (ILE) integrates all forms of intangible assets, recognizing not only tacit and explicit knowledge, but also big data and analytics/intelligence within and across organizations. The ILE structure provides a system for dynamic learning through the synthesis and analysis of intangible assets, creating decision-impacting intelligence across the organization and its partners. Here we extend our understanding of how this ecosystem works by also considering the learning dynamics of individuals and teams. As such, the ILE not only facilitates organizational and partner learning but also leverages the positive impact of intangibles management on employee development, team sophistication and company competitiveness. Consequently, this paper studies the place of knowledge assets in a wider conceptual framework. By managing that wider range of intangible inputs with a structure designed not only to exchange existing knowledge or data but also to create...
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BAAB Submittal
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Making Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Work (Part 2)
What happens after your program's strategy has been designed? How do you now wether you've been successful in implementing the strategies you planned? After more than a decade of development investments in monitoring and evaluation few countries are able to regularly report on how effective their policies and programs are in achieving the results they desire.
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Enterprise Data Quality
Do you trust your data enough to tell it to a judge? If the answer is “no” or “not sure” then action is needed to create ‘rock solid’ trusted data once and for all to achieve compliance, transparency and total business confidence. This white paper by industry guru Mike Ferguson explains how this problem can be solved and offers suggestions on how to approach getting better data from your critical systems.
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