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Origina Data Storage & Analysis Report
This report was conducted and compiled by Origina. Origina is a leading IT managed services & outsourcing company. Established in 1998, we provide innovative IT solutions to public & private organisations in various sectors within Ireland, UK, mainland Europe and the USA.
Uploaded by origina on 04/10/2011
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IP SAN Data Storage for Media Applications
While, traditionally the media firms have looked to DAS or Fibre Channel (FC) based SAN for storage of digital media for various reasons, IP SAN technologies are fast becoming cost-effective and competitive technology to replace them.
Uploaded by american-megatrends-india on 07/31/2012
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Data Storage Vendor StoneFly INC to fight against Cancer
StoneFly™ INC a Californian based company and a business wing of Dynamic Network Factory is proud to announce its support to fight against cancer in a unique but effective way. From the month of August to September 30th, 2012, StoneFly™ INC will be offering an opportunity to the IT field to support for the cause of fighting against Breast Cancer. StoneFly™ INC will be donating the total purchase price of Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM) Software Appliance to the Support, Treatment, Awareness and Research-STAR for Breast Cancer. Further Details Please Visit IP SAN and SCVM.
Uploaded by stoneflyinc on 08/21/2012
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Robust Data Storage Solutions for Impressive OEM Results
Manufacturing OEM appliances is a completely different ballgame. You have to pay attention to the specifications so that you can develop a product that competently fulfills your customer’s requirements and provides you with laudable responses.
Uploaded by mceinc on 03/27/2012
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Special Report – Military Data Storage Solutions
Defence Industry – Special Report on Military Data Storage Solutions
Uploaded by magazineproduction on 09/04/2012
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Understanding the Role of Unified Storage in Data Storage Environments
Unified storage has been around for nearly a decade and has the ability to present data storage to host systems using different protocols.
Uploaded by mceinc on 11/23/2011
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Data Storage Options
There are many options to store data to support the growing needs of storage in businesses. Here are those ways..For more information on these please call us: Call 1-800-997-8008 or visit us at:
Uploaded by markjones009 on 10/09/2012
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Unified Storage Helps Simplify Your Data Storage
Unified storage or network unified storage is a storage concept of centralizing and sharing storage resources among multiple servers that makes it possible to run and manage files and applications from a single device.
Uploaded by mceinc on 09/08/2011
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Open-E DSS Data Storage Server Data Replication - EN
A feature sheet of Open-E Data Storage Server (DSS) Data Replication.
Uploaded by open-e on 05/30/2012
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Backup Solutions with Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS V6)
Backup Solutions with Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS V6) ©
Uploaded by open-e on 03/06/2013
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