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Visual Mining of Science Citation Data for Benchmarking Scientific and Technological Competitiveness
In this paper we present a study where we visually analyzed science citation data to investigate the competitiveness of world countries in selected categories of science. The dataset that we worked on in our study includes the number of papers published and the number of citations made in the ESI (Essential Science Indicators) database in 2004. The dataset lists these values for practically every country in the world. In analyzing the data, we employ methods and software tools developed and used in the data mining and information visualization fields of the Computer Science. Some of the questions for which we look for answers in this study are the following: (a) Which countries are most competitive in the selected categories of science? (i.e. Engineering, Computer Science, Economics & Business)...
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Big Data: Adding Context to the Clicks | A Guide for Business Analysts
Big data is changing and creating roles right across the business world. How can the emerging data scientists work with business analysts and marketers to drive growth in organisations? Find out in our latest cut-out-and-keep guide for Business Analysts. For more information, visit:
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Data Book Provides You Accurate Custom Data with Insightful Analysis
Data Book, newly launched by CCM International, provides you precise custom data with insightful analysis and enables you to understand more about an industry.
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The Power of Open in Science
Open Data, Science Commons and Open Innovation to help save the development of the sciences.
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Big Data Innovation
The Big Data Innovation Magazine.
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Creating Knowledge out of Data
Synergy Issue 2 | 2010
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Data Book – CCM International's New Product Launch
CCM International has launched a new product in March, 2012, namely Data Book, providing single search service of database.
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Technology Decisions Feb/Mar 2013
Published bi-monthly, Technology Decisions keeps senior IT professionals abreast of the latest trends, technology advances and application solutions in the ever-changing info tech sector across Australia and New Zealand. Technology Decisions has an editorial mix of expert analysis, industry commentary, feature articles, analyst and peer2peer columns, case studies and the latest in software releases and development, making it a ‘must read’ for IT leaders in every type of organisation, from SMBs to enterprise and government. Material covered includes everything from IT security and storage through to cloud computing, mobility developments and complex communications systems and infrastructure solutions.
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the 2013 MIT EECS Connector
annual News from the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Read the about the exciting research and innovations going on in EECS in 2013.
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Science Notebooks Increase 5th Grade Performance
This is an action research project created for the Arkansas Leadership Academy.
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