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Peruvian Government Likely to Introduce New Personal Data Protection Law
The Peruvian Government plans to introduce a new Personal Data Protection Law to protect personal data in private and public databases within Peru.
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Data Protection Software
CopyNotify specializes in providing data loss prevention software & data protection solutions for small businesses
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Combat Data Thefts With Data Protection Solutions
Data protection is crucial today regardless of a company being large, medium or small scale in its size. Advancements in internet technology and social networking has made data theft a regular occurrence, which takes place either by choice or accident. Security breaches can put confidential customer data at risk, result in brand erosion and revenue loss.
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Advanced Data Protection Frameworks for an Enterprise’s Inform
With organizations storing all of the digital information and data on their servers and in the cloud, data breaches are only going to get bigger. Ever growing collections of data, more remote access and the prevalence of crime, such as identity theft; all create vulnerabilities. Businesses face incessant challenges today in protecting vulnerable information, with the advent of new technology.
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Understanding the Need for Data Protection
Data theft is increasing manifold with the increasing amount of crucial data that enterprises need to store today. Furthermore, the rigid government security compliance regulations have made it mandatory for organizations to give data protection a top priority. It is not only the big corporates that need to secure their data, but also the small and medium scale companies too need to do the same.
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Implement Data Protection Frameworks to Ensure Complete Information Security
Keeping your information secure is the top priority for every organization. Today with the rapid advancement of technology and wireless networks there is increase in newer and much more organized forms of threats to information security. Data theft occurs from a multitude of companies, by accident or on purpose on an almost daily basis, and either such breaches can put the information of thousands of consumers at risk, or enable competitors to access confidential information.
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Implement The Best Data Protection Solution
As Data is the life force on which companies run and they need to safeguard this data,against data thefts. Sensitive, private or any other kind of data that remains unmanaged and insecure are easy pickings for hackers. Social engineers and phishers are all set with their data attacks to rob you of your vital information.
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Why SME’s Need to Invest in Data Protection Solution?
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are often under the wrong notion of possessing adequate data security, withmost of them using the latest anti-virus and spyware software, but is that enough?
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Data Protection Strategy
Everything you need to know about the new 2nd edition of Data Protection Strategy: Implementing Data Protection Compliance.
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New Data Protection Laws and Case Law Trends in Central & South America
Cédric Laurant, Ana Brian Nougrères & Renato Opice Blum, "New Data Protection Laws and Case Law Trends in Central & South America". Presentation made at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)'s Privacy Academy 2011 in Dallas, TX (USA) on September 15, 2011. Presentation available at
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