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Data Mining Outsourcing Services by Data Mining India
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Data Mining: Outsource Data Mining at 60% Cutting Rates
Outsource data mining to Online Web Research Services is highly beneficial because of its quality, timely delivery and confidentiality. Our data mining services is decision making and proficient.
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Geographic data mining and knowledge
[Harvey J Miller,Jiawei Han]
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Data mining and Habeas Data
A Technical Report for BA 180.1 AY 2010-11
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Design and Implementation of Data Mining Tools
Design and Implementation of Data Mining Tools
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Data Mining Healthcare Data Warehouse
Abstract on how to use data mining techniques to make business decisions that can influence cost, revenue and operational efficeincy in the healthcare setting.
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Developing Competitive Strategies in Higher Education through Visual Data Mining
Information visualization is the growing field of computer science that aims at visually mining data for knowledge discovery. In this paper, a data mining framework and a novel information visualization scheme is developed and applied to the domain of higher education. The presented framework consists of three main types of visual data analysis: Discovering general insights, carrying out competitive benchmarking, and planning for High School Relationship Management (HSRM). In this paper the framework and the square tiles visualization scheme are described and an application at a private university in Turkey with the goal of attracting bright-est students is demonstrated.
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Predicting the Future of Car Manufacturing Industryusing Data Mining Techniques
Data mining helps to find predictive information from large databases. Companies use predictive modeling tools for strategic decision-making. It helps companies to identify and account for the key assumptions that drive business value—enabling good decision making that leads to predictable results. By analyzing the company’s historical information we can anticipate these changes. This paper aims at providing a proposed data mining solution that can be used for automotive market, especially in the car manufacturing domain. That is to predict the future sales on the base of historical data. Especially we aim at finding the number of cars to be manufactured by a car manufacturing company by using the previous years data. For this linear regression analysis technique is used.
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Analyzing the solutions of DEA through information visualization and data mining techniques
Data envelopment analysis (DEA) has proven to be a useful tool for assessing efficiency or productivity of organizations, which is of vital practical importance in managerial decision making. DEA provides a significant amount of information from which analysts and managers derive insights and guidelines to promote their existing performances. Regarding to this fact, effective and methodologic analysis and interpretation of DEA solutions are very critical. The main objective of this study is then to develop a general decision support system (DSS) framework to analyze the solutions of basic DEA models. The paper formally shows how the solutions of DEA models should be structured so that these solutions can be examined and interpreted by analysts through information visualization and data mining techniques effectively. An innovative and convenient DEA solver, SmartDEA, is designed and developed in accordance with the pro-posed analysis framework...
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E-government Information Application: Identifying Smuggling Vessels with Data mining Technology
In spite of the gradual increase in the number of academic studies on smuggling crime, focus is seldom placed on the application of data mining to crime prevention. This study provides deeper understanding and exploration of the benefits of information technology for the identification of smuggling crime. This study focuses on smuggling of vessels. The data source is the complete record of fishing vessels leaving and returning to ports in the Taiwan region. This paper essay applies both artificial neural networks (ANN) and logistics regression (LR) to classify and predict criminal behaviors in smuggling. At the same time, it shows the difference between ANN and human inspection (HI), also the difference between LR and HI. This study establishes models for vessels of different tonnage and operation purposes that can provide law enforcers with clearer judgment criteria. It is needed to construct different models for vessels to achieve the actual cases in the reality since smugglers...
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