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It's Time for a Moment of Truth
A key part of customer interaction relies on the most important and impacting part of any interaction, the moment of truth. Unlike traditional uses of the term, the moment of truth is a critical or decisive time on which much depends; a crucial moment. This one moment, usually depicted by the experience the prospect or customer is expecting to get out of a product or service is the focus of this presentation. Shifting from the traditional view of moment of truth, this deck focuses on how customer interactions are created from 2 key pieces to make customer experiences. Read how the 5 powerful elements and the two key pieces come together to form today's moment of truth for prospects and customers. Looking for more information about moments of truth or customer engagement in general? Why don't you connect with me on twitter: @johnemerritt to keep up with the latest information and new presentations coming.
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Improve Customer Experience with Customer Interaction Services
Good customers are as rare as Latinum - treasure them” is an old Klingon proverb, but how many enterprises can actually do that. In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, every enterprise across every industry knows the value of customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization and therefore enterprises must be careful when providing customer services.
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Enhance Customer Satisfaction in the Travel and Hospitality Industry
The travel and hospitality industry has considerably changed over the years. Today it is a highly competitive and volatile industry with customer support, retention, and loyalty attaining greater significance. The travel and hospitality industry includes the services of a wide range of companies namely private transportation providers, car rental services, tour operators, airlines, travel consolidators, tourist boards, cruise lines, railroads, hotels, lodging, resorts, restaurants and other real-estate intensive consumer businesses thus making customer services the essence of the industry.
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Five Powerful Elements of Customer Engagement
Customer engagement is a vast space ranging from anything marketing and business to just a simple interaction between people. Identifying the 5 critical elements in any kind of person or customer engagement provides the overall vision of what is needed to successfully engage people. Those five critical elements of customer engagement include: 1 - the Human element 2 - the Credibility Element 3 - the Communication Element 4 - the Relevance Element 5 - the Experience Element Interested in customer engagement or looking for more information? Why don't you connect with me on twitter: @johnemerritt to keep up with the latest information and new presentations coming.
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Customer service agent resume
sample customer service resume along with tips on how to prepare customer service resume
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Going the Extra Mile with Customer Experience Solutions
The increasingly competitive business world showcases that the smarter enterprises which win through the everyday challenges today, are the ones which incorporates the latest technologies to provide for a holistic customer experience.
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Customer Service Excellence
In today’s competitive markets, high quality customer service determines the winners and losers. This course provides you with the tools and techniques needed to ensure excellent customer relationships and service are maintained.
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Improve Retail Customer Experience with Effective Customer Interaction Services
Today the retail industry is undergoing massive transformation due to the advancements in the technology. The advent of the Internet and its paraphernalia has enabled consumers to re-shape their expectations. Long gone are the days when people visited brick and mortar stores to make retail purchases. Today consumers demand access to service through the channel of their choice.
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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Predictive Customer Experience Solutions
Today there is increased competition in the banking sector, which provides unsatisfied customers the option to change banks or credit card companies. The reason for low customer satisfaction ratings are poor customer service and the practice of charging additional fees for services.
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Better Customer Journeys with Advanced Customer Experience Solutions
Organizations that deliver an enhanced customer experience are thriving. Ever-increasing competition, a more informed and social customer base, and an increase in consumer sophistication have put pressure on companies to differentiate, attract and retain customers. Customers today are more demanding, less tolerant and very critical when not having their expectations met.
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