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Curriculum and Teaching Innovation
This handbook is intended to provide guidance for educators interested in exploring the potential of personalisation to transform curriculum design and teaching practices. It is aimed primarily at educational leaders involved in curriculum and teaching innovation. This includes headteachers of primary and secondary schools, curriculum managers responding to recent changes to the National Curriculum, classroom teachers responsible for developing new practices, and local authorities. It should also be relevant to teacher training agencies and departments, and to trainees preparing to enter the teaching workforce. It responds to some recent educational policies (for example, the new Key Stage 3 National Curriculum introduced in 2008), and anticipates others (reform of the Key Stage 4 National Curriculum and the recommendations of the Rose Review of the primary curriculum), and relates to the conclusions of a House of Commons inquiry into the National Curriculum produced in 2009.
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Managing Curriculum Change
This publication introduces two major JISC programmes of research commencing in 2008 that investigate how the use of technology can help make curriculum design processes more agile and responsive and the experience of learning more engaging, inclusive and rewarding.
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Adaptive Curriculum At-Risk Students Make Gains with Real World Lessons Case Study - CCS Presentation Systems partner Adaptive Curriculum was brought into Besteiro Middle School in Brownsville, TX where 75% of the students were at-risk. The Principal implemented the program with the students before the teachers and the students loved it and were able to understand concepts using the program that they could not understand through their teacher. The students were motivated to “teach” their teachers how to use the program, which in-turn motivated the teachers in seeing how enthusiastic the students were.
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Implementing the New Secondary School Curriculum in Hong Kong
The paper takes a high-level view on the progress of the implementation of the New Secondary School (NSS) Curriculum as at May 2009. The NSS Curriculum is to be launched at all government and aided schools in Hong Kong by the 2009/10 academic year. Its major contents, features and implementation schedule are described and compared to the existing curriculum and an alternative, IB Diploma, which is more popular in the international schools. Then the historic background which influences the goal formulation of the curriculum, plus the implication it brings are explained. Lastly, the observed merits and insufficiencies during the implementation are also discussed.
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SCSD Information Literacy Curriculum and Library/Media Services Plan
The Solon Community School District staff engaged in a process to establish a curriculum, standards andbenchmarks for the Information Literacy and Library/Media Services Plan. This process was part of an effort todevelop a comprehensive curriculum for all as a foundation for decisions about information literacy for studentlearning.The Solon Community School District Information Literacy Curriculum and Library/Media Services Plan teamdeveloped a curriculum that represents the domain of information literacy ensuring a comprehensive curriculumscope and sequence, standards, benchmarks and activities supportive of the student learning.
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GK Second Life Curriculum Level 1
This is level 1 of 9 of the Global Kids Second Life curriculum. To read more about it go to Description: Welcome to Second Life! By the time you finish this level, you will be well on your way to customizing your avatar to reflect your unique personality, moving around your environment in basic ways, easily seeing something from multiple viewpoints – without moving your avatar, and learning how to chat, both publicly and privately. 17 missions -------------------------------------------------- We encourage comments from anyone downloading the curriculum and appreciate if you would say a few words in the comments about why you are downloading it and how you might use them - comments and feedback ALWAYS appreciated. This curriculum series was developed by Global Kids and is being offered for free. Please contact us if you are interested in professional development with Global Kids, or donating funds to the upkeep of the curriculum. Thank you!
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Leading Debate: 21 Years of the National Curriculum for science
This seminar summary follows a meeting convened by the Wellcome Trust to mark 21 years of the National Curriculum for science. It is hoped that the five key messages presented in this summary will inform curriculum developers and policymakers when planning their future reforms.
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Curriculum Resource Packs
Macmillan Classroom Library Curriculum Resource Packs Print and digital resources supporting integrated inquiry.
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Other Curriculum
Other Curriculum
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Farm-Based and Place-Based Curriculum
Farm-Based and Place-Based Curriculum
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