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Multinational Brands VS Cultural Identity
Global brands are often perceived as catalysts for globalization. Many believe their branding strategies are a threat to cultural identities around the world. Will global brands and branding in general succeed in erasing and eroding each nation’s cultural identity?
Uploaded by bubarad on 10/22/2012
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Brand Control in Social Media
A study of the true brand owner in the transparent world of social media
Uploaded by katarina.bellman on 05/01/2011
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The importance of branding museums and how museums contribute to a city brand
Cultural institutions and specially museums are changing their traditional role towards one adapted to new demand of the 21st Century.Now, the idea of developing strong museums brand into so-called creative or cultural cities is having even more importance.
Uploaded by carmenruiz on 08/31/2009
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Unit 3.0: The Major Project - Outcome
Outcome for my Final Major Project submission. MA Graphic Branding and Identity London College of Communication University of the Arts London 2011. It consists on the conceptualization and development of a brand identity for a hypothetical company that commercializes dream experiences as products: “The Dream Market” This branding development is presented in the form of a brand book, which includes the thinking behind the brand, the brand narrative, the creative style and the main visual elements that configure the brand. The project explores dream incubation from real life and science fiction perspectives, and proposes a response to the science fiction mainstream narratives regarding this subject.The general field of study for the research was dreams, approached from the psychological, physiological, historical, cultural and artistic points of view. The focus was on the causes of dreams and dream incubation.
Uploaded by gabrielsoto on 11/08/2011
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Piezas Graficas_Abasto
Branding Project 2010.
Uploaded by florc32 on 03/12/2012
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Branding Project 2010.
Uploaded by florc32 on 03/12/2012
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Cultural Management & Arts marketing
Currently working for a non-for-profit European contemporary art organization and developing educational marketing contents for IOE Group.
Uploaded by bibianoconesa on 10/14/2012
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CSA Portfolio
Highlights from over 30 years of creative work.
Uploaded by carbonesmolan on 04/30/2009
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Student graphic design portfolio.
Uploaded by _leanna on 05/12/2013
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Whats the scene?
Document of a project involving the identity of a music-info portal covering the happenings in Bangalore city, India
Uploaded by saishraddham on 01/06/2012
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