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OMG… Hope This Unknown Person Gets A Jail Sentence For Cruelty To Dog (Must See!)
A dog is a man’s best friend. But sadly, not all of us humans behaved the same way as dogs do to us. Sad fact, isn’t it? There was a recent cruelty to dog case uncovered recently. The attacker was really wicked. It uses a shot gun, hoping to kill this poor dog from living.
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Loneliness + Cruelty
A report about people with learning disabilities and their experiences of harassment, abuse and related crime in the community. Lemos&Crane’s report Loneliness and Cruelty is a groundbreaking study based on in-depth interviews by frontline practitioners across the UK. The report shows that people with learning disabilities living independently in the community experience a disturbing range of harassment, abuse and related crime with alarming frequency. The perpetrators in the main are local people, neighbours, often young people and schoolchildren. Incidents happen when people are out and about in the community, but also in and around their homes. Above all, these incidents are straightforward cruelty. The loneliness of some people with learning disabilities is putting them at particular risk, leaving them with little choice but to visit hostile public spaces and spend time with exploitative and cruel people.
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The cruelty of the fur industry
This Fashion Crimes booklet from VIVA exposes the cruelty of the fur industry and encourages readers to avoid purchasing or wearing items containing fur. Find out more at Visit the VIVA website at
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Make Farm Animal Cruelty a Felony in all 50 States
We must tell our elected officials that we demand justice for abused farm animals and we insist they make farm animal cruelty a felony in all 50 states.
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What Role Does Cruelty Play in Nietzsche's Psychology
Masters Thesis Philosophy Seminar Spring Term
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Foie Gras Cruelty
PETA leaflet about the cruelty of foie gras. Please ask restaurants in your area to stop serving foie gras. Support the work of PETA at
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Help Stop Cruelty - Go Vegan
An Action for Animals information poster. Find out more at
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Alice Walker on KFC cruelty
In this open letter by Pulitzer prize-winning author, Alice Walker, the suffering of KFC chickens is exposed. Please have mercy on the animals and go vegan. Download free vegan starter guides at
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Silk industry Cruelty
Spinning Lies - a VIVA booklet about the cruelty of the silk industry. Please choose alternatives to silk. Find out more about VIVA at
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Ducks out of water - duck industry cruelty
A VIVA report on the UK duck industry. Ducks suffer horrendously in factory farms. Please do not eat duck or purchase pillows/quilts/cushions containing the feathers of ducks or other birds. More information from the VIVA website Make a donation to VIVA
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