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Crown Publishing Group Spring 2010 Catalog
From serious nonfiction and business books, to literature, humor, craft, and cookbooks, The Crown Publishing Group has an incredible and varied list of books from all categories for Spring 2010.
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Digital publication details: 250 pages.

Crown Publishing Group Summer 2010 Catalog
From serious nonfiction and business books, to literature, humor, craft, and cookbooks, The Crown Publishing Group has an incredible and varied list of books from all categories for Summer 2010.
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Digital publication details: 240 pages.

Crown Publishing Group Spring 2011 Catalog
Spring 2011 books from Crown Publishing Group.
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Digital publication details: 264 pages.

Crown Fall Publishing Catalog
Fall 2010 books from the Crown Publishing Group.
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Digital publication details: 314 pages.
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Bibury seasons - an enchanting photographic record by Ray Lipscombe - Memoirs Publishing
The stunning village of Bibury in Gloucestershire has always been a real jewel in the Cotswold crown and ‘Bibury Seasons’ with 88 pages of beautiful landscape images spanning all 4 seasons takes you on an intimate photographic journey throughout the year to help show you why. Produced in English and Japanese it makes an ideal gift for anyone who wants to relive memories of a past visit or looking forward to a visit in the future or who is simply interested in the charm of the Cotswolds.
Uploaded by tonytingle on 11/30/2010
Digital publication details: 82 pages.

Mandela's Way by Richard Stengel - Excerpt
We long for heroes and have too few. Nelson Mandela, who recently celebrated his ninety-first birthday, is the closest thing the world has to a secular saint. He liber­ated a country from a system of violent prejudice and helped unite oppressor and oppressed in a way that had never been done before. Now Richard Stengel, the editor of Time maga­zine, has distilled countless hours of intimate conver­sation with Mandela into fifteen essential life lessons. For nearly three years, including the critical period when Mandela moved South Africa toward the first democratic elections in its history, Stengel collaborated with Mandela on his autobiography and traveled with him everywhere. Eating with him, watching him campaign, hearing him think out loud, Stengel came to know all the different sides of this complex man and became a cherished friend and colleague.
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Digital publication details: 23 pages.

Speech-less by Matthew Latimer - Excerpt
Both a rare behind-the-scenes account that boldly names the fools and scoundrels, and a poignant lament for the principled conservatism that disappeared during the Bush presidency, Speech-less will forever change the public's view of our nation's capital and the people who joust daily for its power.
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Digital publication details: 35 pages.

The Greatest Trade Ever by Gregory Zuckerman - Excerpt
Written by the prizewinning reporter who broke the story in The Wall Street Journal, The Greatest Trade Ever is a superbly written, fast-paced, behind-the-scenes narrative of how a contrarian foresaw an escalating financial crisis--that outwitted Chuck Prince, Stanley O'Neal, Richard Fuld, and Wall Street's titans--to make financial history.
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Digital publication details: 28 pages.

Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran - Excerpt
The marriage of Marc Antony and Cleopatra is one of the greatest love stories of all time, a tale of unbridled passion with earth-shaking political consequences. Feared and hunted by the powers in Rome, the lovers choose to die by their own hands as the triumphant armies of Antony’s revengeful rival, Octavian, sweep into Egypt. Their three orphaned children are taken in chains to Rome; only two– the ten-year-old twins Selene and Alexander–survive the journey. Delivered to the household of Octavian’s sister, the siblings cling to each other and to the hope that they will return one day to their rightful place on the throne of Egypt. As they come of age, they are buffeted by the personal ambitions of Octavian’s family and court, by the ever-present threat of slave rebellion, and by the longings and desires deep within their own hearts.
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Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson - Excerpts
Most business books give you the same old advice: Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda. If you're looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf. With its straightforward language and easy-is-better approach, Rework is the perfect playbook for anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing it on their own. Hardcore entrepreneurs, small-business owners, people stuck in day jobs they hate, victims of "downsizing," and artists who don’t want to starve anymore will all find valuable guidance in these pages.
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Digital publication details: 19 pages.
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