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The Crime rate and criminal activities have increased enormously in the past few decades. Crime preventions and criminal identification are the primary issues before the police personnel, since property and lives protection are the basic concerns of the police but to combat the crime, the availability of police personnel is limited and on the other hand, the number of criminals are increasing drastically. Hence to support the law keepers, data about the criminals, criminal history together with criminal attitudes will be very much benefitted. This paper aims towards the construction of new methodologies based on Data mining concepts and serves as a decision support system.
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Criminal Justice Books
Build Your Library With These Essential Criminal Justice Books from CRC Press
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Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
New and Distinguished Books in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice from CRC Press
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2010 February Newsletter
The College of Applied Arts recognizes and celebrates scholarly achievement and innovative collaboration between faculty and graduate students.
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The Social Atlas of the City of Grande Prairie
This project is the result of a community mapping initiative lead by community partners in the City of Grande Prairie. Community Mapping is an effective tool for enhancing relationships between human service partners, engaging people in talking about their community, making evidenced based decisions, and collaborative planning. More information about Community Mapping or info on how to join the initiative can be provided at Community Social Development front desk 780.538.0380
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GIS for Crime Analysis:Geography for Predictive Models
The term crime analysis refers to a concept and to a discipline practiced in the policing community. It includes analysis of more than just a crime, which is why some authors refer to it as public safety analysis. However, over the last few years crime an alysis has become a general term that includes a lot of research subcategories: intelligence analysis, criminal investigative analysis, tactical crime analysis, strategic crime analysis, operation analysis and administrative crime analysis. Crime mapping and spatial analysis complements all of them and plays a crucial role in defining new forms of representation and visualization to better understand crime and to respond adequately to the problem of criminality. A new worldwide socio-economical order lead to an increasing number on crime rates and raised the need to find new ways to handle information about criminality. To better understand its causes, local, regional and national security authorities turned to new decision...
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columbia mapping laboratory
mapping strategies
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Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults in the Criminal Justice System
This is an excellent course that focuses on examining substance abuse disorders among criminal offenders.
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Mapping Memories: Participatory Media, Place Based Stories & Refugee Youth
Mobility, mapping, and migration are essential keywords for a media literate individual of the 21st century. Both teachers and students are confronted with increasing diverse classrooms and a range of new tools to integrate into their media literacy frameworks. We are developing a book/dvd that uses personal narratives to explore themes specific to the refugee experience and yet relevant to the larger public including identity, home, loss, belonging, and tolerance. In addition to compelling newcomer narratives told through first person perspectives, the book addresses methods and insights regarding innovative place based participatory media projects including memoryscapes, DIY digital mapping, immersive audio bus and walking tours, video life stories and more.
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Criminal Justice and Criminology 2009 (US)
Criminal Justice and Criminology 2009 Catalog for the North and South American Markets from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.
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