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Counterfeit Detection – An Efficiency Tool for the Pharma Industry
Though it might appear easy, but counterfeit detection is not a very simple process.  For instance, let us assume the case of a laboratory analyst associated with a pharmaceutical brand, who has to spot the counterfeit in two pills.
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Counterfeit Detection -An Efficiency Enhancer for the Pharma Industry
Counterfeit detection is not as simple as it seems, and is even more complicated in the online market.
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Make Use of the Best Online Brand Protection and Counterfeit Detection Solutions
With the rise and expansion of online trade and commerce, online shopping has gained momentum. This also has its own disadvantage, in terms of the grey market sales and the counterfeit goods that are sold to people at a discounted price. It is possible for anyone, with basic computer knowledge to launch a website that deals in various goods and services for sale.
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Ensure Brand Reputation with Counterfeit Detection Software
Today the internet and advancement in technology has led to increase in the availability of counterfeits and it is difficult to find a single product whose counterfeit is not available. Counterfeiting is a growing menace to the society as it not only eats into jobs and revenue but also puts the health and safety of the people in grave danger
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Avoid Counterfeit Consumer Products getting into Consumers Hands
Every enterprise is sensitive about its brand. A brand is more than just a name or trademark. It is the identity of an enterprise reflecting its intrinsic nature and character. Hence, any dilution in the brand image and reputation leads to losses, both finite and infinite.
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Strong Enforcements for Brand Protection
Every business aims to gain popularity amongst its customers, the worth of a business is defined by its market demand. The greater the success rates the greater the risks involved also.
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Successful Drive to Curb Counterfeiting and Gray Market Operations
Revenue losses in business can be caused due to several reasons but counterfeiting and gray market sales top the list. If you encounter some losses due to an error or a misinterpretation of the market statistics you can still hope to recover your losses. But losses caused due to counterfeiting and gray markets are irrecoverable
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Detect Fraud Early with the Right Software
Fraud can be a quite a threat for any company because precious IP may be stolen, and that can have a serious negative impact on the company branding and image.
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Dissolution of Counterfeiters with Anti-Fraud Solutions
Fraud and scams have become synonymous with business. Every business is prone to theft of copyrights and patents and if an equally forceful action is not taken it can lead to intense damages such as loss of reputation and revenues.
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Measures to Prominently Address Counterfeit Issues
The counterfeit industry is expanding rapidly causing many ill-effects to the genuine businesses. They exploit sensitive and confidential information that they have illegally procured such as copyrights and patents, rendering massive impacts on genuine companies such as revenue losses and reputation damage.
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