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Hanes Corporation Brand Identity Manual
A brand guideline detailing philosophy, value positioning, logo usage and applications for the Hanes Corporation. Concept, copy, art direction, design.
Uploaded by otherplane on 08/08/2010
Digital publication details: 40 pages.

Tyrell Corporation
Blade Runner's Tyrell Corporation identity manual.
Uploaded by teresaalmeida on 06/09/2012
Digital publication details: 41 pages.

Tees Corporate Identity Guide
The project was to create the brand identity of a made up corporation. I came up with "tees" which is a t-shirt company. One aspect we had to consider in the making of the brand was a corporate identity guide. The idea for the shape was to make it so when you opened the booklet it would make the shape of a t-shirt but also make the "t" on the cover of it for "Tees"
Uploaded by adamwilkes on 06/13/2010
Digital publication details: 12 pages.

CREATIVE CORPORATION, creative portfolio, graphic design, branding, rebranding, advertising, illustration, photography
Uploaded by lolafactory on 07/11/2008
Digital publication details: 17 pages.

BRANDING for Dave's Decor's
One of projects I did for Maintenance company called Dave's Decor's. Includes stationary, car vinyls, t-shirt design etc.
Uploaded by wergilka on 07/03/2009
Digital publication details: 15 pages.

Veronika Pechova - portfolio
my portfolio
Uploaded by wergilka on 07/03/2009
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

BRANDING for Myself
My branding for 2009
Uploaded by wergilka on 07/03/2009
Digital publication details: 11 pages.

Total Identity | Published 2003
What is identity? Genes + upbringing + culture + spirit of the times…plus chance. People have an identity. The simplest and most complete form of this is the thumbprint. Do organisations have a thumb that you can print? The purpose of assigning an identity, a soul, is actually to tell a story. Just as every person has a story of their own, so too do organisations (as well as individuals, institutions, political parties and entire countries).
Uploaded by hanspbrandt on 11/09/2012
Digital publication details: 240 pages.

ISBN 978-84-15223-77-1 / Layout: 20,3 X 20,5 cm / Pages: 96 / Cover: Paperback / The corporate identity defines the "personality" behind a company or corporation, always designed in accordance, to help to reach the objectives of any business. Designing Corporate Identity is an approach to the latest international creations in the fascinating world of corporate identity design.
Uploaded by onebookforyou on 07/25/2012
Digital publication details: 15 pages.

Are You Ready ?
2005 M3 (MThree) Identity brochure innovation through origination. M3 is celebrating over 19 years of design - during our 13th year we designed a logo poster and sample brochure celebrating the ingenuity and courage our clients invested in new identity programs - We thrive on assisting corporation naming their companies and developing their truth authentic identity and we look forward to the next twenty years of embracing our passion for design...
Uploaded by mthree on 07/26/2009
Digital publication details: 8 pages.
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