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Design for Digital Context
Designing and creating the best digital service experiences demands a clear understanding of user context. Coupled with the rise of embedded technology, contextually aware design and technology is being utilised more and more to tailor and automate digital experiences. This Fjord Report looks at the background to contextsensitive design, current approaches, and concludes with analysis and high-level design recommendations for creating digital services that use context effectively and profitably.
Uploaded by marcharlier on 02/21/2013
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Playing in School or at Home? An Exploration of the Effects of Context on Educational Game...
The goal of this study is to gain insight into the effects of context on educational game experience. Using a quasi-experimental setup, it compares the playing and learning experiences of adolescent players of the awareness-raising game PING in a domestic (N=135) and a school (N=121) context. Results indicate that both gaming (identification, enjoyment) and learning experiences are more intense in a home compared to a school context. However, all of the variance in gaming and part of that in learning experience are caused by longer playing times and better computer equipment. Moreover, the overall impact of context on perceived learning is significantly smaller than that of other experiential factors such as identification and enjoyment. Thus context should be considered as a significant yet relatively small determinant of learning experience.
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ConTeXt Commands Top 10
ConTeXt Commands Top 10.
Uploaded by corsair on 07/08/2009
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An Introduction to ConTeXt (discontinued)
A document I wrote before ConTeXt Top Ten. Discontinued for technical reasons.
Uploaded by corsair on 07/10/2009
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Tags: context · tex

Final Design Context Presentation
Final Design Context Presentation
Uploaded by sophieindisguise on 03/18/2013
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Context Aware Computing Market Global Advancements, Emerging Applications, Worldwide Forecasts
Context Aware Computing Market report focuses on industry verticals and products and also provides market data, market dynamics (drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities), key players, and competitive outlook.
Uploaded by marketreports on 05/12/2013
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design context 76 pages
a design context with 76 pages
Uploaded by claire.b on 05/20/2010
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Final design context book
hopeful the last design context book
Uploaded by claire.b on 05/17/2010
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Tags: context · design

C-tec Context Plus Heat Detectors
C-tec Context Plus Heat Detectors
Uploaded by 3mksecuritysystems on 04/25/2012
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Context Assignment
Context Assignment
Uploaded by mahak.yacoub on 03/23/2013
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