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Psychic Meatloaf - Journal of Contemporary Poetry - Issue 1
Journal Of Contemporary Poetry, featuring the free verse and experimental poetry of 33 contemporary poets.
Uploaded by psychicmeatloaf on 08/22/2010
Digital publication details: 78 pages.

Psychic Meatloaf - Journal Of Contemporary Poetry - Issue 2
Journal Of Contemporary Poetry
Uploaded by psychicmeatloaf on 10/30/2010
Digital publication details: 58 pages.

AU/UA - Contemporary Poetry of Ukraine & Australia
First collection of today's poets from Australia & Ukraine in both English & Ukrainian.
Uploaded by meusepress on 10/11/2011
Digital publication details: 126 pages.

Napkin Poems by Altis Conners
When not drowning his sorrows in a large, steaming mug of coffee, Altis Conners can be found in a dark corner of a small coffee-house, pondering life and writing poetry about it. Altis has been writing poetry for over ten years. His themes consist of society, coffeehouse culture, chance encounters, regret ,and city life more often than not.
Uploaded by cyberwizard on 12/30/2009
Digital publication details: 26 pages.

the romances and other poems
A book that recaptures the heart of romance. A syntactic meditation on love. About Micah Cavaleri’s the syllable that opened an eye: This note being not unlike spontaneous synecdoche, celebrates the verbal quickening in these pages, which catapults quotidian constraint, like a comet, searing the psychic field, with bold new orientation. – Will Alexander, author of Compression and Purity and The Sri Lankan Loxodrome
Uploaded by deadmanpublishing on 05/04/2013
Digital publication details: 52 pages.

Tickle Me
In this tale of wanton love, decadent seduction, and dangerous liaisons, the reader meets Alice—a quiet, meek woman who, at 29, has never been touched by a man, let alone experienced the piercing pangs of love’s bittersweet kiss upon the heart.
Uploaded by monicabouvier on 02/06/2013
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

Mid-June Archive: Showcase One Elisa Gabbert and Kathleen Rooney
Showcase One: The Collaborative Poetry of Elisa Gabbert, Kathleen Rooney, and Adelaide Crapsey.
Uploaded by deadmanpublishing on 12/06/2012
Digital publication details: 10 pages.

Modern Poets on Viking Poetry: Selected Poems
Pamphlet of selected poems distributed at the Modern Poets on Viking Poetry events in April
Uploaded by dr_potts on 04/29/2013
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

Mid-June Archive: Showcase Two Heller Levinson
Mid-June continues with showcase 2 and the unfolding revelations of The Fecundating Trespass Rotational Cluster|Heller Levinson
Uploaded by deadmanpublishing on 12/06/2012
Digital publication details: 15 pages.

Untold Method ♛ Issue 6 ♚ HAPPILY EVER AFTER
Untold Method is a bi-monthly arts project created by two sisters. It features poetry, prose, contemporary art & illustration and an original graphic novel called 'Philistone. This is our last issue, we hope you enjoy it.
Uploaded by untoldmethod on 11/30/2012
Digital publication details: 48 pages.
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