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Contemporary Britain
Contemporary Britain is becoming increasingly popular both as a subject for historical research as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. There is a burgeoning literature on the cultural, economic, political and social aspects of Britain in the 20th and 21st centuries, supported by well-respected journals focussing on the period and a growing number of online resources to support teaching and research. Contemporary history, of Britain or elsewhere, forms a major part of the undergraduate curriculum. This guide provides an overview of the most popular topics covered in course on 20th Century Britain, including extensive bibliographies.
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Tate Britain History
Every monarch's unique tastes and preferences are ...
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Made in Britain Exhibition Catalog. September 2010
Made in Britain is a themed group exhibition taking place at London Miles Gallery. It features 30 emerging British contemporary artists. Each artist created a unique 24 x 24 inch artwork inspired by the theme "Made in Britain". The exhibition aims to draw attention to the emerging illustrators, painters and digital artists from the United Kingdom. Exhibition opens on September 10th 2010 from 7pm to 11pm at London Miles Gallery. On display until October 1st, 2010.
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During this time of global economic uncertainty, Britain remains a commercial leader and we are proud to feature the companies & entrepreneurs who continue to contribute towards this success. ‘Best of Britain’ is a testament to the commitment and dedication of these people. Over the coming years ‘Best of Britain’ will continue to showcase British achievement. As the world strives to recover from the current economic climate we will highlight the companies and individuals who continue to push Britain to the vanguard of trade and industry. We will follow with interest as London prepares to host the Olympic Games for the third time in its history. And we will continue to bring you the best of British business.
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Increase The Value Of Your Home Through Home Improvement
Are you interested in learning how to perform home...
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TATE ETC. Issue 25 part 2
Featuring Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson in Britain, Edvard Munch and Sam Smiles on Late works.
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Best of Britain intro vol 1
V o l u m e 1 Health & Beauty Fine Dining & Cuisine Design & Interiors Food & Drink Chapter 10 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 1 - Chapter 5 - 6 | Best of Britain Biotech & Pharmaceuticals Construction & Engineering Conferencing & Exhibitions Chapter 20 - Chapter 18 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 19 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 15 - Chapter 17 - Best of Britain | 7
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Corinne Silva: Wandering Abroad
Catalogue for the International New Media Gallery exhibition, 5th November 2012 - 2nd March 2013. Edited by Edwin Coomasaru. (c) International New Media Gallery, 2012.
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Thesis - Transforming national identity & legacy through British expositions
This thesis explores two key design-led events held in London, that transformed British national identity. The Great Exhibition of 1851 and the 1951 Festival of Britain. One hundred years apart, these two pivotal cultural events offered a forum for experimentation and debate over what it meant to be British. Drawing on remarkable sketches, plans, photographs and paintings, Transforming national identity & legacy through British expositions attempts to reveal the story of the successes and failures of the Great Exhibition and the Festival of Britain. The written thesis explores the legacy and aspirations of the Great Exhibition and the Festival of Britain on the reshaping of taste and development of 19th and 20th century Britain.
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Recording Britain
Sample pages from Recording Britain, edited by Gill Saunders. Published October 2011. ISBN 9781851776610.
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