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Upcoming Webinar - How Well Is Your IT Equipped To Deliver Agile Customer Service Experiences?
KANA is pleased to have Craig Le Clair, Principal Analyst, at Forrester Research present his research on current challenges among customer service knowledge workers and opportunities that Dynamic Case Management provides to meet those challenges. Watch this live webinar on Jan 19, 2011 at 11am PST
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Knowledge-Infused Processes: The Solution to Self-Service Woes
It is impossible to avoid contact with the customer when they are in need – why would anyone want to? Since delivering and surpassing their expectations at these times is what builds and increases loyalty, a properly designed and deployed self-service solution is critical.
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Assessment of the Asia-Pacific Contact Center Market
This study is an assessment of the contact center market across six regions in APAC: Australia and New Zealand, ASEAN, Greater China, India, South Korea, and Japan. It presents market sizing and forecasts in terms of number of contact centers, number of agents, as well as number of agent positions at an overall Asia Pacific level, as well as by region. Key market trends and market drivers and restraints are also discussed for each region. Trends are examined in terms of contact center models, verticals, as well as by country serviced. Labour trends in terms of salary are also identified. Executive Summary'This research service covers the Asia-Pacific contact center market from 2011 to 2018.'The region witnessed contact center seats grow by percent, which was relatively higher than the growth in other regions in 2011. It is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of xpercent through 2018.'Agent numbers across the region are likely to grow in tandem with the increasin...
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Urban Risk Assessments: Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk in Cities
This book presents a framework, the Urban Risk Assessment, for assessing disaster and climate risk in cities which is intended to assist in decision-making, urban planning, and designing risk management programs. The approach seeks to strengthen coherence and consensus within and across cities in understanding and planning for risk from natural disasters and climate change. The target audience for this book includes policy makers, urban practitioners and technical staff, and international organizations.
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Implementing a National Assessment of Educational Achievement
Implementation of a National Assessment of Educational Achievement focuses on the practical tasks involved in running a large-scale national assessment program. It has four parts. Part I provides an overview of the tasks involved – how the essential activities of an assessment are organized and implemented, the personnel and resources that are required, and the tasks that follow the collection of data.
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Offshore Contact Center Business: What Does It Take to Build a Successful One? This document is about the things needed to create an offshore contact center business. Your priorities and the most important stuff to know on how to start a call center business. Call center Manila, Call Center Asia, call center jobs, asia call center, industry in asia, asia call center, call center jobs, call center philippines, call center jobs philippines, call center in the philippinescontact center company, contact center offshore company, contact center jobs philippines, philippine call center, philippines call center, philippine call centers, Philippines Call Centers
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2011 University of Virginia Sustainability Assessment
The 2011 UVA Sustainability Assessment presents a comprehensive look at the University's progress towards sustainability. The Assessment reports on major sustainability actions that have occured in the last five years and identifies opportunities to further enhance sustainability at UVA.
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TQM in the Contact Center
Too much resource is spent on inspection after the contact or interaction.
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Assessment in Action Issue 2
Welcome to the second issue of Assessment in Action! Assessment in Action is a publication of the Rutgers University Division of Student Affairs to help tell the story of assessment in our work. Assessment in Action highlights both internal examples of assessment as well out external expert advice on the subject in hopes of making assessment a more natural part of our work. This publication will: Encourage conversation around various assessment topics; Encourage the continuing development of a culture of assessment and a culture of evidence in the division; Provide resources related to assessment practices; Introduce and explain the Mission Assessment and Alignment Planning (MAAP) program; and Highlight a variety of effective assessment practices from throughoutthe division.
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Asia-Pacific Contact Center Outsourcing - Domestic and Offshore Markets
This research study examines market trends, drivers, and restraints for the Asia-Pacific contact center outsourcing market. This study provides market size, revenue forecasts, and breakdown by country, industry vertical, and domestic versus offshore markets. Market shares for the leading outsourcers are also provided. The study profiles about 40 leading outsourcers, including global, regional and country-specific companies. Country-level breakdowns are provided for Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Executive Summary'The study covers the Asia-Pacific contact center outsourcing industry from 2011 to 2017.'Growth in the Asia-Pacific region remains relatively high at X percent in 2011, with a CAGR of X percent through 2017.'Cost efficiency and the rise of domestic regional markets are the key drivers to industry growth.'Revenue growth is robust in China, India, the Philippines and M...
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