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Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution - Sample Pages
The overall aim of this course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the field of Conflict Resolution and its application, both theoretically and practically, to peacekeeping intervention in contemporary international conflicts. Topics include the nature of conflict, key concepts of conflict resolution, contemporary conflict dynamics, conflict mapping, early warning and conflict prevention, peacekeeping and conflict resolution in war zones, peace settlements and post-conflict peace building, the role of culture in conflict resolution, and gender issues. Includes lesson exercises and participation in the Peace Operations Training Institute on-line message board. Ten lessons, 216 pages.
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Conflict Management Training - our approach to conflict training
Conflict management Training brochure descibes the benefits to organisations and staff. Conflict training for front-line employees who have to deal with aggressive customers
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How to Manage the Costs of Your Present Conflict with a Conflict Coach
Many of us balk at coaching, counseling, or therapy; these are things other, "weaker" people do. Meanwhile, conflict continues to build up and ruin your dearest relationships. Ask yourself: can you really afford to refuse to see a Conflict Coach?
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Conflict Management Training Products
Conflict Management Training Products, available for purchase at
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Advanced conflict Transformation
online course Headed by Johan Galtung within the Transcend Peace University III term 2012
Uploaded by transcend-peace-university on 02/17/2013
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Climate change and conflict
Special issues of the Journal of Peace Research, January 2012, 49(1)
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BASINS AT RISK : Conflict and Cooperation Over International Freshwater Resources
The Basins at Risk project (BAR) addressed a series of overarching gaps in research on freshwater resources and international conflict by providing a quantitative, global scale exploration of the relationship between freshwater resources and conflict. The project incorporated a spatial perspective and considered the full spectrum of interactions, using precise definitions of conflict and cooperation. The purpose of the research was to identify historical indicators of international freshwater conflict and cooperation and, from them, create a framework to identify and evaluate international river basins at potential risk for future freshwater conflict.
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Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Negotiation Course Schedule: Jan-Aug 2013
Courses, news and special events from the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of British Columbia
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Conflict Resolution
This course gives you the skills to deal with conflict in the workplace. Much of the focus is on how we react to conflict situations and how this impacts on others. Particular emphasis is placed on dealing with conflict before it reaches crisis point.
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Modern Mechanism of Responding to Pastoral Conflict
This paper describes mechanism of responding to pastoral conflict in the North Rift Kenya.
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