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Using Conceptual Lattices to Represent Fine Granular Learning Objects through SCORM Meta-Objects
Ideally, learning resources should be built over a shared pool of fine reusable granular learning objects. However, in order to avoid contextual lacks, dynamic creation of such resources would mostly rely on the conceptual relationships among learning objects inside a repository. These conceptual relationships, as well as the learning objects creation, are best established if students' learning styles are considered. Common standards like Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) do not have tools to provide conceptual relationships among fine granular learning objects. This paper presents a conceptual lattice-based architecture for using SCORM to provide an effective mapping of conceptual relationships among learning objects.
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Conceptual Pictures Issue part1
Conceptual Pictures Issue part1
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Conceptual Sterss Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
Inappropriate feelings and thoughts and consequent maladies and miseries; in personal and social life; could be overcome by millions; through this world famous bestseller by Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar!
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Impacts of Adding Knowledge Flow to an Activity-Based Framework for Conceptual Design Phase on...
Abstract: The construction industry suffers from an incomplete knowledge flow that leads to overrun cost and time. A considerable portion of this problem is attributable to the design stage which is a tacit knowledge-dominated area. Since knowledge tacitn ess results in an incomplete knowledge flow, we posit that adding the knowledge flows beside the workflow of the architectural conceptual design phase can attenuate both the overrunning cost and time. In order to fulfill such an objective, we integrated t he Nissen multidimensional model the knowledge flow theory for the enterprise life cycle with Macmillan s framework the conceptual design framework to test whether or not adding the knowledge flow to the conceptual design work flow could attenuate the cost and time overrunning. This paper elaborates on the process of validation testing by means of Simvision. Analysis of the results reveals that specifying the entity of the required knowledge during the conceptual...
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A Model of Conceptual Change
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Conceptual Diagram Development for Sustainable e-Government Implementation
E-government implementation has received extra attention as a new way to increase the development of a country. International organizations such as the ITU and the United Nations provide strategic guidance to overcome the challenges of ICT use. Yet, the development of ICT use in developing countries is still very low. Researchers are contributing to support successful implementation with models and theories that conceptualize the complex situation. This paper extends the DPSIR-based e-government conceptual framework into the direction of implementation strategies. The main focus is on improving stakeholder involvement during requirements engineering. Object Role Modeling (ORM) was used (1) to develop a semi-natural language (controlled language) that is understandable both for domain stakeholders and system analysts and (2) to make a common description of the application domain in this language. The proposed model can be used to construct quantitative simulation tools to be...
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Conceptual Design Portfolio - Joseph Paipilla -
Architecture portfolio showcasing conceptual work from Undergraduate school.
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01 - conceptual design process
01 - conceptual design process
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How to Think Right: Right Brain Thinking Skills for Succeeding in the Conceptual Age
Derived from Daniel Pink's 'A Whole New Mind', this Book Rapper issue shows that left-brain thinking skills are no longer enough and highlights the six right-brain skills you need to develop to be successful in the Conceptual Age.
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