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The e-book also attempts to find out what is available to an observer from his/her standpoint (reference system), and from what theoretical standpoints that observation is developed. This book is intended as a resource for senior students and researchers in natural sciences, scientific philosophy and contemporary psychology.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9781608055968

Electronic Computers
The Igth century was distinguished by the construction of machines with enormous power. During the last decade rapid progress has been made in the development of a completely different type of machine. These new machines, the electronic computers, are not built to generate power or to do mechanical work, but to perform logical operations and ca1culations. This new concept will have a profound influence on engineering, science, ami economy. In fact, the first effects of this development are already taking shape today. It is the purpose 01 this book to give a survey of the basic principles and applications of computers for the benefit of those who hitherto did not work with them, but who might have use for them in the future. The rapid progress of the engineering science has, naturally, led to a situation in which the practicing scientist and engineer cannot keep abreast of the progress in neighboring fields. The chapters of this book were prepared by distinguished experts in the field of computers for the non-expert who does not intend to become an expert, but W}:l0 wants Jo acquire a general understanding of the problems and solutions which he needs to effectively perform the work in his proper field. We address this book to the engineers and scientists who want to know the performance of computers, as weH as to the managers who are rnainly concerned with their econornic aspect.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9783662237892

Computers in Materials Technology
Computers in Materials Technology presents the computer applications in materials technology. It discusses the materials selection in computer data banks of metals and polymers. This book is divided into six sections that address the alloy and composite materials design. This book deals first with the computerized control of alloy steel making and heat treatment; computer-based models for quenching; calculation of carbon and nitrogen profile in carburizing and carbonitriding; digital image analysis in quantitative metallography; and derivation of stereological relationships by computer synthesis of microstructure. Other sections consider the computer-operated methods of calculating phase equilibria and the computer aided modelling of volume fraction determination. These topics are followed by discussions of computer-controlled system for constant amplitude fatigue testing and the calculation of the transformation behavior of steel. The final chapter looks into the necessity of computer computation in the fiber composites application. The book can provide useful information to engineers, scientists, students, and researchers.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780080275703

Computers in Analytical Chemistry
This text is primarily intended for readers who have some background in chemistry and who wish to find out more about the ways in which computers and electronics are influencing the techniques of observing chemical systems, the acquisition of data, its storage, and its transmission from one location to another. Many important concepts - such as interfacing, data collection, data bases, information services and computer networks - are covered in an easily assimilated and comprehensive way.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9780080240084

Special Purpose Computers
Special Purpose Computers describes special-purpose computers and compares them to general-purpose computers in terms of speed and cost. Examples of computers that were designed for the efficient solution of long established algorithms are given, including Navier-Stokes hydrodynamic solvers, classical molecular dynamic machines, and Ising model computers. Comprised of seven chapters, this volume begins by documenting the progress of the CalTech Concurrent Computation Program and its evolution from computational high-energy physics to a supercomputer initiative, with emphasis on the lessons learned including computer architecture issues and the trade-offs between in-house and commercial development. The reader is then introduced to the QCD Machine, a special-purpose parallel supercomputer that was designed and built to solve the lattice quantum chromodynamics problem. Subsequent chapters focus on the Geometry-Defining Processors and their application to the solution of partial differential equations; the Navier-Stokes computer; parallel processing using the Loosely Coupled Array of Processors (LCAP) system; and the Delft Ising system processor. The design and implementation of the Delft molecular-dynamics processor are also described. This book will be of interest to computer engineers and designers.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9780120492602

Synergetic Computers and Cognition
This book will be of interest to graduate students, researchers and teachers in the computer sciences, in the cognitive sciences andin physics. It provides the reader with a novel approach to the design and study of neural nets. The applicability of this approach is shown explicitly by means of realistic examples. In addition, detailed models of the cognitive abilities of humans are included and compared with the performance of the synergetic computer presented in this book. The work presented here would not have been possible without the important help of my coworkers. Dr. Arne Wunderlin has helped me in many respects over many years and has made essential contributions, in particular to the slaving principle of synergetics. Drs. Michael Bestehorn, Rudolf Friedrich and Wolfgang W eimer have applied the methods of synergetics to spontaneous pattern forma tion in fluids and have further developed these methods. Armirr Fuchs has not only implemented my algorithm on a VAX computer, but has also made his own important contributions, in particular to pattern recognition that is invariant with respect to translation, rotation, and scaling. Thomas Ditzinger, Richard Haas, and Robert Hnlinger have contributed within the work on their diploma theses to the application of our approach to a number of problems that are shared by humans and computers in the field of pattern recognition. I wish to thank all of them.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9783540530305

Computers in Business: K201
Faculty at Indiana University's world-renowned Kelley School of Business present this essential introductory guide to the role of computers and other information technologies in business. Highlights include instruction and applied practice in two of the most widely used commercial software packages: Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Students learn, via hands-on examples, many of the powerful tools contained in these two platforms, with emphasis on how to analyze real business problems to help make important decisions.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780253026538

Computers and Banking
Electronic funds transfer (EFT) systems include a wide range of computer-based payment systems and sources that substitute electronic and digital transfers for movements of cash and paper checks. A few years ago some people were predict ing that EFT would replace paper money and coins entirely and that we would soon be a "checkless" and' 'cashless" society. Such sweeping changes have not occurred, but a slower evolution is clearly underway. Although checks, cur rency, and coin are likely to be here for many years to come, EFT is becoming an established part of our worldwide payment transfer system, and the implications and consequences of this technology are real. They include: Alterations in personal finance and in the process of purchasing and paying for consumer goods and services. Changes in the structure of financial and retail organizations and their mode of interaction in the marketplace. Modifications in the flow of funds in our society and in the interactions among economic institutions. Alterations in the prospects for invasion of personal privacy, perpetration of fraud and theft, and violation of antitrust regulations. Changes in the regulatory and competitive balance among the numerous financial institutions in the United States. Such alterations foretell important impacts on people and society. Benefits are forthcoming, but the costs will also be real.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780306402555

Computers as Theatre
Brenda Laurel's Computers as Theatre revolutionized the field of human-computer interaction, offering ideas that inspired generations of interface and interaction designers-and continue to inspire them. Laurel's insight was that effective interface design, like effective drama, must engage the user directly in an experience involving both thought and emotion. Her practical conclusion was that a user's enjoyment must be a paramount design consideration, and this demands a deep awareness of dramatic theory and technique, both ancient and modern. Now, two decades later, Laurel has revised and revamped her influential work, reflecting back on enormous change and personal experience and forward toward emerging technologies and ideas that will transform human-computer interaction yet again. Beginning with a clear analysis of classical drama theory, Laurel explores new territory through the lens of dramatic structure and purpose. Computers as Theatre, Second Edition, is directed to a far wider audience, is written more simply and elegantly, is packed with new examples, and is replete with exciting andimportant new ideas. This book Draws lessons from massively multiplayer online games and systems, social networks, and mobile devices with embedded sensors Integrates values-driven design as a key principle Integrates key ideas about virtual reality Covers new frontiers, including augmented reality, distributed and participatory sensing, interactive public installations and venues, and design for emergence Once more, Brenda Laurel will help you see the connection between humans and computers as you never have before-and help you build interfaces and interactions that are pleasurably, joyously right!
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780321918628

Advances in Computers
Since its first volume in 1960, Advances in Computers has presented detailed coverage of innovations in computer hardware, software, theory, design, and applications. It has also provided contributors with a medium in which they can explore their subjects in greater depth and breadth than journal articles usually allow. As a result, many articles have become standard references that continue to be of sugnificant, lasting value in this rapidly expanding field. In-depth surveys and tutorials on new computer technology Well-known authors and researchers in the field Extensive bibliographies with most chapters Many of the volumes are devoted to single themes or subfields of computer science
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9780123965356
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