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Computer Networking & Hardware Concepts
Computer Networking & Hardware Concepts
Published on 03/18/2019
Document details: 46 downloads.

Computer Hardware Basics
Computer Books
Published on 12/06/2016
Document details: 92 downloads.

Panasonic Panasonic Computer Hardware AW-HHD870N Computer Hardware User Manual
Published on 06/19/2015
Document details: 32 pages. 53 downloads.

Computer engineering : hardware design
Published on 10/09/2018
Document details: 458 pages. 50 downloads.

Computer hardware theory
Includes bibliographical references
Published on 12/09/2011
Document details: 746 pages. 25 downloads.

Computer organization : hardware/software
Published on 11/28/2012
Document details: 650 pages. 74 downloads.

The essential guide to computer hardware
Published on 12/01/2017
Document details: 470 pages. 10 downloads.

MACadam list of computer hardware and software:
MACadam list of computer hardware and software
Published on 09/11/2017
Document details: 5 pages. 15 downloads.

DTIC ADA110028: Computer Hardware Executive: Concept and Hardware Design.
Large multiprocessing and distributed processing computer systems suffer from diminishing returns in system performance as additional processors are added. The slow execution speed of executive software is one of the principal causes of this phenomenon. The purpose of the executive software is to regulate the time when the various application programs gain access to the computer system resources. This task investigated the potential of special-purpose hardware to eliminate the execution-speed bottlenecks within executive software. A unit, named the Hardware Executive, was designed and fabricated. The Navy standard SDEX/M executive was used as a model. Algorithms were developed for the executive functions of task creation, task dispatching, intratask coordination, real-time clock management, and event-to-task registration and translation.
Published on 12/31/2017
Document details: 57 pages. 6 downloads.

Computer Architecture Software Aspects, Coding, And Hardware
Computer Architecture Software Aspects, Coding, and Hardware
Published on 03/12/2019
Document details: 57 pages. 96 downloads.
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