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The Evolving Role of the Chief Compliance Officer
The major benefit of having a top-level executive, with overall responsibilities for risk and compliance, allows the sector of risks and compliance to manage a wider variety of corporate risks. Hence chief compliance officers or CCOs are typically charged for bringing an all-in-one approach to corporate risks and compliance. New technologies have allowed CCOs to predict future risks with the help of several tools.
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Compliance Technologies
Description of Compliance Technologies' Products and Services
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Keys for success in a corporate compliance job
Corporate Governance is the system determining the direction and performance of corporations. It consists of the interaction of the shareholders as owners, the Board of Directors, led by the Chairman; and the Executive Management, in charge of operational management, led by the CEO or Chief Executive Officer.
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Compliance Management software: Best Practices in Regulatory Compliance Management
Organizations, irrespective of their size, tend to spend billions each year on maintaining regulatory compliance and keeping employees constantly updated through training. Compliance at the organizational level refers to meeting the stated requirements in applicable laws, regulations, contracts, strategies and policies. Non-compliance to the regulatory requirements will land the organization in lawsuits, public censure, stock devaluation or even bankruptcy.
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Gain Control over Compliance Levels with Compliance Management Solution
Today’s business environment is highly competitive and volatile and hence enterprises need to focus on their core competencies to live up to their reputation and to keep their profits rolling. However, today’s ever present and pervasive cyber threats coupled with multiple regulations make it necessary that the enterprises look into security, regulatory and compliance aspects as well.
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An Innovative Cloud-Based Service that Unifies Information Security & Regulatory Compliance
eGestalt Inc., provider of information technology governance, risk management and compliance (IT-GRC) solutions for all enterprises, including small to mid-size organizations, announced the U.S. availability of SecureGRC™, a patent-pending online enterprise software application that helps to meet regulatory compliance mandates in significantly less time and cost than existing traditional software-based tools.
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IT Compliance Best Practices for a Progressive Future
Compliance can be an overwhelming task with ever-growing demands for adherence to various industry regulations such as HIPAA Compliance, GLBA Compliance, SOX Compliance and many more. However, it is possible to achieve complete compliance and security by encouraging the members of organizations to follow a streamlined path towards effective management of IT resources and efficient operations.
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Leverage the Benefits of Enterprise Compliance Management Software
To explain in simple terms, enterprise compliance management is the culture, discipline and control structure that an enterprise has in place to continuously enhance its risk management capabilities, in today’s ever changing business environment.
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Practical Project Management to Meet FDA Requirements
This webinar will provide valuable guidance to regulated companies in development and implementation of Project Management Planning and Techniques for new product development, regulatory compliance audit responses, proof of "progress against plan", and other activities requiring a planned documented rationale
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Hybrid Quality Systems For Pharmaceuticals - Combining ICH Q7A &Part 210-211
The manufacture of drugs is controlled by ICH-Q7A and 21 CFR Part 210 & 211. Although these standards were written 24 years apart, they complement each other in many ways
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