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Career options in Mass Communication
Money and fame are the two main aspects that students seek in their respective career choices. There are various career options available in India. Every course demands different abilities in students and has its own specifications. Some fields enter the arena, create ripples but do not stay for long. Mass Media is a sector which is continually drumming growth.
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Communicate Flawlessly through Satellite Communication System
Satellite communication system, disaster communication system or IP based PA system helps us to communicate with each other through satellite and so we get flawless communication as it is not dependent upon conventional wired communication system.
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BSBMKG523A - Design and Develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
This unit, BSBMKG523A Design and Develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan, describes the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge required to identify and evaluate the range of marketing communication options and media, to design an integrated marketing communication plan, and to develop a marketing communication brief and creative brief that reflect client needs and preferences.
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Clear and transparent communication is increasingly important for government ministries, departments, agencies and the corporate sector alike. The exponential growth in 24/7 media channels and the power of the internet mean that key information must be communicated quickly and accurately to ensure any medium is able to convey the appropriate message with maximum impact. RIPA International’s suite of programmes focuses on communications planning and management and provides you and your staff with core practical tools and techniques to become more effective communicators for your organisation. To reinforce your learning experience, you will meet experts working at the heart of the latest public relations and communications initiatives across UK government and business.
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How To Save Your Marriage with Good Couples Communication
We spend the majority of the time focusing on what people are directly saying, but we are missing 90% of what people are really saying. It is no wonder then, that above and beyond couples not having the same communication modes, or not having relationship skills, miscommunication can also be occurring because we are not focusing on the full picture. Learn how using good communication can help you rebuild your broken marriage or even save your own relationship!
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Development Communication Sourcebook
The Development Communication Sourcebook illlustrates why the field of development communication is important and how its tools and methods enhance long-term and sustainable results. The book presents basic concepts and explains key challenges faced in daily practice. Each of the four modules is self-contained, with examples, toolboxes, and more.
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Changing the Communication Culture of Distributed Teams ina World Where Communication is Neither...
Distributed teams have been set up to work together across space, time and even organisational boundaries over the last few years, to increase the availability of scarce skills, reduce travel costs, and increase worker job satisfaction through fewer relocations. This has been due to globalisation, shorter development cycles and scarce human expert resources placing additional pressure onto project teams. Technological developments, such as various communication technologies, have helped to support this move to distributed teams. These communication technologies, including phone and video conferencing, mobile technologies and the Internet, help team members handle project tasks in a distributed or virtual team project environment. This case study based paper provides an analysis of the communication culture and tools of the distributed teams of a large German manufacturer. The communication behaviours and tools used by these real distributed teams working together in different...
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Participatory Communication
What do we mean when we say participatory communication? What are the practical implications of working with participatory communication strategies in development and social change processes? What experiences exists in practice that documents that participatory communication adds value to a development project or programme?
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Dr.Kretov Kirill on interpersonal communication
Present article is a part of Master Thesis written and successfully defended by Dr. Kretov Kirill (Master of Arts in Human Resource Management and Doctor of Business Administration) in May 2007, Geneva, Switzerland. The primary objective of this present article is to discuss communication: define the concept of communication, explain the communication process in its entirety and enumerate factors which may improve its efficiency.
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Brand Communication Consultant- Nitesh Mathur
I introduce myself as Nitesh Mathur, a professional consultant engaged in incubating & implementing communication strategies for corporate & product brand management. My service spectrum essentially engross sketching stakeholder communication blueprint to strengthen company’s positioning in the market space, to partner the company on creating brand building properties, public relations & media engagement & interface, designing marketing programs & collateral to support sales functioning across B2B & B2C spheres & content development & integration across diverse media vectors. My professional journey extends from creating & selling unique branding solutions for a media conglomerate; to devising communication strategy for a visual entertainment giant; from engineering a hospitality brand; to building cross marketing platforms for an infrastructure concern through Indian film promotions.
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