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Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents
For anyone who wants to communicate effectively in business,this is your complete reference guide for any form of written communication. Packed with over 500 sample documents, over 100 tips for better business writing and useful templates you can apply to your writing immediately, Model Business Letters will help you put the key rules of good business writing into action.
Published by: Financial Times/ Prentice Hall | Publication date: 09/16/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 512 pages

Do Story: How to tell your story so the world listens (Do Books Book 5)
Today's world wants to know you and the real story behind why you do what you do. Whether you have a product to sell, a company mission to share, or an audience to entertain, people are more likely to engage and connect if you deliver a well-crafted story with an emotional core.Bobette Buster is a story consultant, lecturer and screenwriter who works with the major studios such as Pixar, Disney and Sony Animation, and in top film programs all over the world. In this, her first book, she shares the tools and principles used by some of the world’s best storytellers and helps you apply them to your own. Find out: How to source, structure and shape your story; Ways to discover the essence of your story; Why finding the emotional connection with your audience can take a story from good to great.So, what’s your story?Bobette Buster is a screenwriter, documentary producer, story consultant and lecturer. She grew up in Kentucky, a region renowned for its great storytellers. As a student she produced an oral history of the area that is now archived at the Kentucky Museum. She then moved on to Hollywood to learn the business of script development, and is now a story consultant to the major studios - notably Disney and Pixar, and in top film programs all over the world. Since 1992 she has been Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California’s Graduate School of Cinematic Arts where she created the first MFA program in Original Feature Film Development.'Bobette is a truly fantastic teacher, a main stay in the USC Peter Stark Program where she has made such a tremendous impact on students. No one understands story better than her.’ -- Larry Turman, Director, USC Peter Stark Program and Producer of The Graduate
Published by: The Do Book Company | Publication date: 05/14/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 112 pages

The Art of Business Communication: How to use pictures, charts and graphs to make your business message stick
Whether it’s in emails, documents, presentations, meetings or tweets, we’re all being bombarded by millions of words every day. So, how do you make your message stand out and stick amongst all this chatter? The answer is simple – just get visual! With a straightforward doodle or a quick illustration you’ll revolutionise how your message impacts your audience. And The Art of Business Communication will show you how to do it. Can’t draw? No Picasso? No problem! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to add a simple yet powerful visual dimension to any message or business communication so that all your ideas, presentations, documents and meetings are brought to life and make a meaningful and memorable impact. Everything becomes easier to say, problems are explained and solved in a flash and the complex quickly becomes clear.  So, to make your point and make it matter – make it visual.
Author: Graham Shaw
Published by: Pearson | Publication date: 11/05/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 209 pages

Negociar, ruta hacia el éxito: Estrategias y habilidades esenciales (Spanish Edition)
Todos negociamos de manera diaria. Negociamos con nuestras esposas, hijos, padres y amigos. Negociamos cuando alquilamos un departamento, compramos un coche o aplicamos a un puesto de trabajo. Tu habilidad para negociar debería ser el factor más importante en tu carrera.La negociación además es clave para el éxito de los negocios. Ninguna organización puede sobrevivir sin contratos que generen ganancias. A un nivel estratégico, los negocios están estrechamente vinculados con la creación de valor y la consiguiente consecución de ventajas competitivas. Pero el éxito de las estrategias comerciales de alto vuelo dependerá de los contratos celebrados con proveedores, clientes y socios comerciales. La capacidad de contratación, esto es la habilidad de negociar y lograr contratos exitosos, es la función más importante de toda organización.Este libro ha sido concebido para ayudarte a alcanzar resultados exitosos en tus negociaciones personales y en tus transacciones comerciales. Es único desde dos perspectivas: por un lado, no sólo cubre conceptos de negociación, sino que también proporciona acciones prácticas a seguir en futuras negociaciones, incluyendo una lista de chequeo para la planificación de la negociación y un ejemplo práctico de esa lista de chequeo completa.También incorpora: (1) una herramienta de evaluación de tu estilo personal; (2) ejemplos de “árboles de decisión”, útiles para calcular tus alternativas en caso de frustración de la negociación; (3) una estrategia de tres etapas para incrementar tu poder durante la negociación: (4) un plan práctico para analizar tus negociaciones en consideración a distintas variables, entre ellas tu precio de reserva y zona de probable acuerdo, entre otros; (5) lineamientos claros en estándares éticos aplicables a la negociación; (6) factores a considerar al decidir si deberías negociar a través de un agente; (7) herramientas psicológicas que puedes utilizar, y modos para eludirlas si las plantea la otra parte; (8) elementos esenciales del Derecho Contractual; y (9) una lista de chequeo de factores a utilizar cuando evaluas tu desempeño como negociador.En segundo término, el libro es único en cuando propone un enfoque global y general para todo el proceso de la negociación. Otras obras se focalizan sea en la negociación, o bien en el Derecho Contractual, concentrándose en este último caso, en cuestiones y requisitos específicos desde el punto de vista legal para que un contrato sea válido, sin considerar otros aspectos.En el mundo en que vivimos, el proceso de contratación no puede ser desmenuzado en fases o compartimentos estancos. Lo que ocurre durante una negociación tiene un impacto profundo en el contrato y en el desempeño consiguiente. El contenido legal del contrato debería reflejar lo que sucedió en el marco de la negociación. Este libro, a diferencia de otros, cubre íntegramente el proceso de negociación en orden cronológico, comenzando con tu decisión de negociar, continuando con la evaluación de tu propio desempeño como negociador.
Published by: Van Rye Publishing, LLC | Publication date: 02/20/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 181 pages

Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion: The Psychology of Online Persuasion
With the majority of commercial transaction now happening online, companies of all shapes and sizes face an unprecedented level of competition to win over and retain new business. In this second edition of Webs of Influence, Nathalie Nahai brings together the latest insights from the world of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to explain the underlying dynamics and motivations behind consumer behaviour.  This book will show you how to apply specific principles to improve your marketing, products and websites, enabling you to engage with your customers in a more meaningful way.
Published by: Pearson Business | Publication date: 02/07/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 257 pages

World Class Speaking: The Ultimate Guide to Presenting, Marketing and Profiting Like a Champion
When World Class Speaker meets World Class Guerrilla Marketer, your profits explode! How would you like to become a World Class Speaker others travel far & wide to see? How would you like to turn your presentations into profit-making machines that bring in 6 figures or more each year? How would you like to speak to audiences without having to leave home? World Class Speaking is the system for you! Many books cover the art of public speaking while others cover the business side. Finally there is a book that covers both! With World Class Speaking you will learn how to build stellar presentations that keep your audiences on the edge of their seats, turn your presentations into dozens of profitable income streams, master leading-edge technologies & speak to 1000 without even leaving home, and automate your business & make passive recurring income while you sleep. World Class Speaking is the one-stop-shop for building breakthrough presentations & turning them into a solid system of ongoing income.
Published by: Morgan James Publishing | Publication date: 03/01/2009
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 376 pages

Leading Virtual Teams (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)
Leading any team involves managing people, technical oversight, and project administration, but leaders of virtual teams perform these functions from afar. Leading Virtual Teams walks you through the basics of:
  • Connecting your people to each other--and to the team’s mission
  • Surmounting language, distance, and technology barriers
  • Identifying and using the right communication channels
Don't have much time? Get up to speed fast on the most essential business skills with HBR's 20-Minute Manager series. Whether you need a crash course or a brief refresher, each book in the series is a concise, practical primer that will help you brush up on a key management topic. Advice you can quickly read and apply, for ambitious professionals and aspiring executives--from the most trusted source in business. Also available as an ebook.
Published by: Harvard Business Review Press | Publication date: 07/12/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 144 pages

Global Business Today
Global Business Today is the proven choice for any international business course. It brings together the insights of now a team of practitioners, scholars, and award-winning instructors to present a contemporary and realistic perspective of this multi-faceted field. For the 9th edition, G. Tomas M. Hult from Michigan State University has joined Charles Hill to deliver a program that is:Currentâ€â€it is comprehensive and up-to-date.Application Richâ€â€it goes beyond an uncritical presentation and shallow explanation of the body of knowledge.Relevantâ€â€it focuses on managerial implications.Integratedâ€â€its tight flow between chapters is fully integrated with proven adaptive technology.Global Business Todayâ€â€The market-leading program of international business.
Published by: McGraw-Hill Higher Education | Publication date: 01/14/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 541 pages

Managing Challenging Clients: Building Effective Relationships with Difficult Customers
Do you need to deliver an effective service to challenging and unreasonable internal or external clients? Do you worry that you'll lose business or take a reputational hit if you don't do so well enough? This book introduces a valuable set of tools through which to build, maintain and manage your client-facing relationships.
Author: A. Oade
Published by: Palgrave Macmillan | Publication date: 10/31/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 193 pages

8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs
Robert Kiyosaki’s new book 8 Lessons in Leadership draws from his years at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and his service in the United Sates Marine Corps. With compelling stories and examples and a engaging way of comparing and contrasting two very different cultures and value systems, Robert shares the challenges he faced in transitioning to civilian life&hellipwhere chain of command and team-over-self—once so black and white—were muddy and distorted. "Permission to speak freely, sir?" Count on it. This is Robert Kiyosaki—and he does just that, in the forthright and no-nonsense style that readers have come to expect and appreciate.From Robert's perspective, military training shapes lives and supports entrepreneurship. The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the civilian world of business.Highlights of 8 Lessons in Leadership include sections on Mission and Team, Discipline, Respect, Authority, Speed, the Power of Connectivity, Leaders as Teachers, Sales and Leadership.
Published by: Plata Publishing | Publication date: 09/18/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 223 pages
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