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The Lens Collective: A Guide to Seeing Different Perspectives in Project Management
The term 'lens' has been specifically chosen for this guide to reflect the analogy between human vision and the interaction of people. This context also facilitates the analogy between the tools and techniques used to enhance, correct, protect and improve this interaction. This guide, written by the APM People Specific Interest Group, is intended to help individuals reflect upon their capabilities, increase their awareness of others and successfully apply new perspectives to their projects.

The Capability Approach
This collection explores how the Capability Approach (CA) can be 'brought out of the realm of ideas' to the 'realm of policy and practice'. Despite its undeniable contributions, one of the critiques against the CA is the difficulty of its application. How can human capabilities be articulated and promoted in practice? Is the CA applicable in the Global South and the Global North? What are some of the challenges encountered in its application and how can they be addressed? The authors seek to answer these research questions, making an important analytical and empirical contribution to the CA and its application. Through a series of case studies from the Global North (France, Germany and the UK) and the Global South (India, Egypt, Brazil, Ghana and Mongolia), they provide useful insights not only into the different ways and contexts in which the CA can be applied, but also into the various challenges that are encountered during these applications and the means to overcome these challenges. The volume is a valuable resource for researchers, graduate students, practitioners and academics alike. It bridges the gap between development theory and practice by explaining the importance of CA applications and the contributions these can make to the refinement of the approach itself.

Developing Student Capability Through Modular Courses
Higher education in the UK has recently been transformed due to the introduction of module-style degree programmes. This collection of essays and case studies reviews the experiences of both students using the new modules and teachers integrating

Economic Organization, Capabilities and Coordination
The work of G.B. Richardson has given insights into key issues and debates such as markets versus hierarchies, price stability, the economics of information and the concept of competition based upon differentiated firms. This collection enco

Early Childhood Development in Tonga: Baseline Results from the Tongan Early Human Capability Index
Early Childhood Development in Tonga offers a comprehensive assessment of early child development across Tonga using the Tongan Early Human Capability Index instrument. The data has information on more than 6,600 children, ages three to five, living across 36 inhabited islands, and reported for 129 communities. On the basis of population figures from the Tongan census data collection provided by the Tonga Department of Statistics, 81 percent of three- to five-year-olds participated in the Tongan Early Human Capability Index. The report details the development of the instrument used to collect the child development data to ensure cultural validity and local relevance, while still capturing the fundamental aspects of child development that are consistent across countries and cultures. As well as the development of the instrument, other countries will also be interested in learning about h the method of data collection across a country with remote and isolated islands using an innovative partnership between health and education. Using existing systems and community governance structures, the data was not only collected but also disseminated back to communities to raise awareness and prompt community and government mobilization to support early child development. The process of developing and implementing the Tongan Early Human Capability Index across Tonga helped build national and district capacity, and is encouraging the establishment of community-based supports for children. Researchers, policy makers, and practitioners as well as advocates for the development and enhancement of systems to monitor early child development worldwide will find this publication highly significant.

21st Century U.S. Military Manuals: Soldier as a System (SaaS) - TRADOC 525-97, Capstone Concept, Future Combat Force Capabilities (Professional Format Series)
Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, The Soldier as a System (SaaS) Concept will enhance individual Soldier capabilities to protect and defend oneself. In doing so, the collective efforts of this moderniza

Team and Collective Training Needs Analysis
Military capability is delivered operationally at a team and collective level, be it a unit as small as a squad or section, or as large as a maritime task group. Modern military forces are required to deal with a potentially wide range of missions

Shaping Learning Environments by Simulation Gaming - An Application to Collective Bargaining in the German Railway Industry
Seminar paper from the year 2004 in the subject Psychology - Work, Business, Organisational and Economic Psychology, grade: 1,8, Free University of Berlin, 20 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Simulation games can be valuable tools to generate real-life relevant skills at low costs. Four objectives are most important, when developing a simulation game: Firstly, the simulation has to help participants to improve practical relevant capabilities (external educational validity). Secondly, it has to be a valid representation of real-world processes (fidelity). Thirdly, the simulation should achieve the intended learning objectives as best as possible (internal education validity). Finally, the learning benefits for the participants should be maximised, whilst the development and application costs should be minimized. In this paper the collective bargaining simulation 'Zug um Zug 2015' is analysed in reference to these objectives.

The Great Work: The Work Of Astra: Understanding Collective Forms Of Conscious Universal Integration
The Great Work brings in a new understanding of consciousness recognized through geometric relationships that are infinite in nature. As Astra's communication is felt and grasped, a new sense of knowing and outlook on the universe is introduced to the reader. Astra's inspiration is to bring us to a level of awareness where we are capable of communicating and acknowledging the higher consciousness within celestial bodies such as asteroids and embracing a new approach toward conscious universal integration. This book is a collection of written material, teachings, and transcribed recordings intuitively channeled (streamed) by the writer. The Great Work is written to allow the reader to find their greatest work through self-transformation and provides a new perspective on spirituality and the universe. "May you be the love, that one day welcomes asteroids into this life, just like joyous children." -Astra

Team and Collective Training Needs Analysis
Military capability is delivered operationally at a team and collective level, be it a unit as small as a squad or section, or as large as a maritime task group. Modern military forces are required to deal with a potentially wide range of missions frequently involving multiple alliance partners, within a geopolitical environment which can seem to change rapidly. Individual performance, while being important, is not the primary determinant of mission success - force integration, interoperability, adaptability and teamwork are key factors. Team and collective training which fully addresses these factors is fundamental to the development and delivery of military capability. As a consequence, the requirement to determine training requirements and specify effective systems for the delivery of team and collective training is critical to operational success. Training Needs Analysis (also known as Front End Analysis), is a well-established methodology for analysing training requirements and specifying training solutions used extensively by the UK and its NATO partners. However, the analytical techniques employed are optimised for individual training, with little guidance being offered on its application in the team and collective context. Team and Collective Training Needs Analysis (TCTNA) has been developed to close this methodological gap. It addresses the issues of the relationship of individual and team tasks, teamwork, command and control, task and training environments, scenario definition, instructional strategy, team training approaches, instructional functions, and wide-ranging organisational and procurement considerations. Part One of the book develops an integrated set of models which underpin the analytical approach presented in Part Two. Worked examples and case studies illustrate the application of the approach. Between 2005 and 2015 the authors worked on numerous training-related research projects at Cranfield University and Coventry University for the Human F

OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Korea 2009
This report assesses the current status of Korea's innovation system and policies, and identifies where and how the government should focus its efforts to improve the country's innovation capabilities. It finds that Korea has one of the highest ra

Father Brown. The Complete Collection (5 in 1)
The Complete edition of Father Brown Series includes all five collections of mystery stories by G.K. Chesterton starring an unimposing but surprisingly capable Catholic priest Father Brown's as a detective. Combining capti

If the Sky Falls
If the Sky Falls is the debut short-story collection from award-winning fiction writer Nicholas Montemarano. These eleven stories show why Jayne Anne Phillips has called Montemarano "an American stylist capable of redeeming our darkest dreams

Nussbaum and Law
The essays collected in this volume reflect the profound impact of Martha Nussbaum s philosophical writings on law and legal scholarship. The capabilities approach that she has largely authored has influenced the approach scholars take to the law

Black Jack
Dodo Collections brings you another classic from Max Brand, 'Black Jack'. "The moment he rose out of the chair and faced them, Gainor had stopped short. He was quite capable of fast thinking, and now his glance flickered from Terry

Neurochemical Aspects of Neurotraumatic and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Collectively, neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by chronic and progressive loss of neurons in discrete areas of the brain, producing debilitating symptoms such as dementia, loss of memory, loss of sensory or motor capability, decreased

28 Days Later Vol. 5
Collects issues #17-20. After everything that has happened, Selena has London in her sights. But what is waiting for her there? Is there a part of her past lurking in the shadows, capable of destroying all she has worked for? The series that conne

Midlife Experiences: Not Necessarily a Crisis
The works of poetry created in this book by Darryl Leslie is the collection of his expressions and his life's journey as an ordinary man doing extraordinary things. We all may have the creative capability to impact the lives of others in our surro

Midnight Whispers
Midnight Whispers is a collection of poems written by a young aspiring author. Despite her young age, Victoria Wiegand has managed to capture the intense emotions of longing and distress while still showing readers that the heart is always capable

The Scandal of Father Brown
The Scandal of Father Brown is the fifth and the last collection of mystery stories by G.K. Chesterton starring an unimposing but surprisingly capable Catholic priest Father Brown's as a detective. Combining captivating stories
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